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Nano-structured material referred to as nano-materials, broadly speaking, three-dimensional space has at least one dimension in the nanoscale range general term ultra-fine particulate material. Airgel, is a new material having a nanoporous structure, Guinness Book of Records 15 record, display many peculiar properties, the world is called magic change material thermal, optical, electrical, mechanical, acoustic fields, column since the 1990s into the 20th century, one of the top 10 science and technology, is a dual-use technology has great application value. 带你走进气凝胶世界 airgel, also called xerogels, the chemical solution is reacted first to form a sol, gelling the gel and then obtained by removing the gel solvent A spatial network structure is obtained in filled gas, solid appearance was very low density (close to the air density) of a porous material. Having a lightweight, low density, nanoporous, characterized in that the ultrafine pore size and porous honeycomb structure are connected by polymeric chains interconnected together. Airgel particles size is typically less than 20nm. It can be an organic material (such as polyimide, carbon, etc.), or a mixed material (such as a gel glass) be prepared from an inorganic material (such as silica, alumina, etc.). 带你走进气凝胶世界 airgel is the lightest, the best insulation performance of the solid material is selected world Guinness Book of Records, aerogels have a very low density, low thermal conductivity, high specific surface area, high porosity properties, originally widely used in high-end technology in the aerospace, military and other industries, as China\’s economic transformation and upgrading and implementation of the national strategy for nano-materials, nano-materials airgel has gradually widely used in industry, construction, automotive and electronics industries . The dry professional bias, many people may still not understand So, for example more intuitive: Common meltblown fiber diameter of from 1 to 5 micron size airgel particles typically less than 20 nanometers 1 micron (um ) = 1000 nanometers (nm) and nano airgel film series respirator protection applications, is presenting another new airgel. Thin, lightweight, soft to the touch

Comparative airgel film and 90 grams of A4 paper (the naked eye appears less)

Conclusion unique fine airgel film using common configuration structure is widely used in the professional use of filters at the filter layer, industrial, special purpose specializing. Today, however, this material is microfiber filtration efficiency.If we can enjoy! It is widely civil, polyimide fibers combined with all the advantages of an evolution, the most direct experience, we polyimide (PI) protective masks. 带你走进气凝胶世界 带你走进气凝胶世界 带你走进气凝胶世界