Airgel to glass or glass energy Nova

November 2, China\’s first large-scale airgel glass production line was officially launched here, it can create the maximum size transparent airgel glass is 1.3 m × 0.8 m. This is a \”test the water.\” School of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University, Dr. Lu Bin, said the current production capacity of the production line can be primarily to guide and develop the market and construction, along with in-depth and continuous improvement of national building energy efficiency standards of market development is expected two to three years, the market We will demand a certain development, especially in public buildings and existing buildings energy-saving field, when the company\’s large-scale production lines will be completed and put into production.

INDUSTRIAL end of the transparent airgel

Silica airgel is also known as \”blue smoke\”, \”solid smoke\”, is the lightest known solid material , and so far the best insulation performance material. In 1931, Dr. Steven.S.Kistler United States inadvertently invented this substance, called \”frozen smoke.\” It is extracted from silica gel in water, then made into a method of a gas such as carbon dioxide to replace the water. Early airgel very brittle and expensive, so it is mainly used in the laboratory until the 1960s it attracted renewed interest. By the late 70\’s and early 80\’s, after the French and American scientists Feichner Lorentz Berkeley National Laboratory, who ArlonHunt unremitting efforts, airgel has gained a great deal of development, it has become a global hot topic in the 1990s. In the 21st century, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under the company first began Aspen Aerogels low-end industry, then our country have also started airgel low-end industrial, high-end transparent airgel but none of industrialization. Enter 2012, our country set off the Second World airgel industrial boom. However, a long time, our country airgel research and development mainly focused on high value-added aerospace, medicine and other fields is still a blank. China mainly concentrated in Tongji University, National University of Defense Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Central South University, Shaoxing Nano Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., Guangdong Alison tech Co., Ltd. and so on. EU airgel in a special report released in 2010 predicted: in 2050, airgel will be like today\’s plastic products as widely used.Open up new application areas, the development of low-cost production preparation technique is the direction of the airgel researchers have been working on. Dr. Lu Bin innovation team over the years has been concentrated here. After thousands of experiments and failures, from the initial results of laboratory material, Lu Bin, led the team to break through and mastered the core technology of high-end transparent airgel system, gradually developed a new transparent airgel materials. September 16, 2013, the results of the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department expert review identified that the technology \”Habitat leading international level\”, with industrial conditions. Which have independent intellectual property rights of core technologies include: high-end transparent airgel insulation and new materials technology, fast supercritical drying process, large-size transparent airgel complete production process. After two years, Lu Bin, led the team to focus on building a complete industrial production line. \”We must first solve the problem is to process equipment, since most devices are non-standard equipment, from scratch to solve the problem; secondly, in order to solve the airgel and the fragile nature of the product shape of the problem, need to re-adjust the process ; in addition, the need to further update airgel produced at low cost high-end technologies and new materials, airgel glass products in the market, the implementation of an advantage, \”Lu Bin, told the China building materials Daily reporter. After incubation the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of the past two years, Dr. Lu Bin innovative engineering team has successfully solved a lot of problems from the production process to the equipment, production efficiency and yield issues, successfully developed the first generation of energy-saving glass airgel.

high performance glass aerogels

two sheets of glass sandwiching fill airgel, such \”sandwich\” is an airgel glass. It is a new product based on hollow glass and hollow glass above. Since the airgel having both heat insulating properties, but also has sound absorption characteristics, and has a light-transmissive, and therefore the effect of airgel insulation glass is several times higher than conventional double glazing, and has a noise reduction effect. \”Lowest U-value can reach 0.5W / (m2 · K), lighting performance above 75%, noise reduction, good performance of wind pressure, significantly reduce the risk blew hot and cold, no condensation, has excellent fire, endothermic performance, and thin, light, other materials saving, and long life. \”LU Bin summarizes a series of performance airgel glass. With the continuous improvement of building energy efficiency standards, energy-saving windows and doors effect more and more attention. For now, China\’s building energy-saving windows and doors enhance the effect depends mainly on the wayWindow wall and reduce the ratio of multi-layer hollow glass vacuum method, although the former can play energy saving effect, but to some extent reduce the comfort of indoor lighting, indoor lighting energy consumption increases; the latter method will increase the glass the weight of the window or have concerns about the safety performance and service life. Hollow glass insulation achieved by increasing the thickness of the glass filled with an inert gas, a multi-cavity technology, low-E coating and other techniques, the glass is achieved by the airgel material itself very low thermal conductivity and thickness. Since the porous airgel having a network structure \”infinity insulation board\” effect on the heat radiation, the heat transfer coefficient can be reduced by increasing the airgel airgel glass thickness, such as aerogels thickness of 20mm glass U value may be less than 0.5W / (m2 · K). \”Compared to other types of energy-saving glass, the airgel glass to achieve a building energy efficiency and comfort, environmental balance between them. Airgel glass by winter and summer insulation performance simulation tests can be seen, with monolithic glass, insulating glass comparison Low-E glass, glass airgel insulation performance is relatively strong. \”Lu said bin. Denmark is a single-family house, for example, in Denmark the existing building energy efficiency standards, three argon-filled glass U-value of 0.6W / (m2 · K), g value is 0.46; and the use of airgel glass, U-values ​​down to 0.5W / (m2 · K), g value is 0.75. Under current EU building energy efficiency standards, such as villa argon three-layer glass, the heating demand is 6220 kilowatts / year, and the demand for heating of glass is used aerogels 5040 kilowatts / year, 19% reduction; as using the German passive house standard construction, heating demand triple glass with argon 20.7 kW / year airgel glass is 1380 kilowatts / year, down 34%. If the airgel glass for high-rise buildings instead of the general glass curtain wall, will greatly reduce the weight of buildings, and can play a role in fire prevention. At present, Yi-feng new materials developed for different uses airgel two kinds of glass products: First, lighting glass, and second transparent glass. Lu Bin, believes that with the continuous improvement of building energy efficiency standards, existing technologies and products face a great challenge, use of new materials is imperative. The development of energy-saving glass in home and abroad, the singular hollow glass first generation, second generation coating layer + insulating glass (including multi-chamber hollow glass), the third generation of vacuum glass, and the glass is very airgel It could become the fourth generation of energy-saving glassGlass. standards to be established need to improve the cost-effective Since the airgel has excellent thermal insulation and light transmission properties and high temperature resistance, good sound damping properties and the like, airgel glass has unique advantages in application EEB and broad prospects. It is understood that China\’s annual urban and rural areas in new buildings around 1.5 billion square meters, heating area north of 10 million square meters of non-energy-efficient buildings need to be energy-saving, hot summer and cold winter and hot summer and warm winter area of ​​30 million square meters of high energy consumption building needs for energy saving. \”This is outside the window area of ​​a total of 5.5 billion square meters building is about 1.8 billion square meters, if every square meter is 2000 Yuan-denominated airgel glass, can form a market demand of 3.6 trillion yuan.\” Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Science and Technology Industry development Center, deputy chief engineer, professor Engineering Wat Wang Lok extremely optimistic about the prospects airgel glass, \”after applying airgel glass per square meter of floor space savings conservatively calculated according to 5kg of standard coal, energy savings of 27.5 million tons per year coal. \”Furthermore, in Qu Wang Lok opinion, because airgel can cushion and absorb the shock wave, special places crowded airport terminals, railway stations, docks, waiting room, the waiting hall can be the first to use glass windows airgel energy-saving glass, which can reduce or damage to natural or man-digestion fundamentally. However, Dr. Lu Bin know, because the airgel glass in the world belong to a new product, it has not yet begun the application in the country, so airgel new products need to continue to break the glass in the following aspects: First, improve product cost. The company will make efforts to solve the problem of production cost, the need to expand production capacity through ways to achieve scale effect, expand the cost advantage; followed by product standards. We should accelerate the establishment of airgel glass industry relevant national or local standards, and application of technical regulations and building construction atlas. \”There is a standard downstream customers can rest assured that the use of the product requires extensive use.\” Lu Bin, said that in order to better promote the airgel glass, Yi Feng company in addition to the continuous research and development, equipment and technology to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, will support efforts to obtain relevant national policies, countries in the preparation of airgel glass products, industry or other local standards, paying attention to demonstration projects, the construction of large-scale production line, set up by the strategic design, glass manufacturers and other related industrial chain enterprises alliance.