Airgel Uses

Airgel, English aerogel, also known as dry gel. When the gel off most of the solvent, the gel content is much less than in the liquid content of the solids, or gel spatial network structure is filled with a gas medium, the look as a solid, which is the xerogel, but also called airgel. Such as gelatin, gum arabic, silica gel, hair, nails and so on. Airgel also has properties of the gel, i.e., having a swelling action, a thixotropic effect, syneresis. Airgel is a solid physical form, one of the world\’s small density of the solid. Density of 3 kilograms per cubic meter. General common silicon airgel airgel, which was first proposed by American scientists Kistler bet made in 1931 because of their friends. Many types of airgel, silicon-based, carbon-based, sulfur-based, metal oxide, metal-based and the like. aerogel is a combination of words, here aero is an adjective, represents flight, gel apparently gel. Literally can fly gel. It can be any substance as long as the gel after drying after removal of the solvent inside, but also to substantially maintain its shape unchanged, and the product having a high porosity, low density, can call all the airgel. Because very low density, only 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, slightly lower than the density of air lightest aerogels, it is also called \”frozen smoke\” or \”blue smoke.\” Since the inside of the particles are very small (nanometer scale), so when it is visible through a small scattering (Rayleigh scattering), just as the sun through the air. So, it looked like the sky and the blue (if there is no doping other things), if we look to the light a little red. (The sky is blue, and the evening sky is red). Since the airgel is generally more than 80% of air, so there is very good thermal insulation effect, quite inch thick airgel 20-30 ordinary glass. Even on the airgel between Rose and flame, the Rose will remain intact. Aerogels in space exploration is also a variety of purposes, in the Russian \”Peace\” space station and the United States \”Mars Pathfinder\” probe has used this material. Also airgel particle physics experiments, using the detector as Cherenkov effect. Bit Belle experiment detector KEK B meson in the factory called airgel Cherenkov counter (Aerogel Cherenkov Counter, ACC) particle discriminator, it is a new application instance. The probeLow refraction index between the liquid and the properties of the gas detector using the airgel, as well as the nature of the solid and high transmittance, is superior to the traditional practice of using high pressure air or cryogenic liquids. Meanwhile, the nature of which is the advantage of lightweight one. Since the beginning of the 1990s, NASA NASA spacesuits airgel used in the field of aerospace insulation, cosmic dust collection and other aerospace, aerogels make application development has been rapid development. Status conventional insulation materials:

a high thermal conductivity, thermal insulation thickness large space; 2 high density, increase the overall weight of the ship; 3 structural strength, poor weather, weak compression.. Advantages incubation

airgel materials:

● low thermal conductivity, good insulation properties, help to improve the spacecraft, astronauts working environment; ● insulation thickness, improve space utilization; ● low density and reduce spacecraft wt; ● compression capability, increase the insulation strength; ● weatherability, and to adapt to changes in high ambient low temperature drop.

Compared with conventional airgel material may be lighter mass, smaller volume to achieve better results, airgel insulation, temperature, noise reduction, explosion, adsorption, corrosion resistant, catalytic , transmission, low dielectric constant, etc., can be widely used in aerospace fields aviation, military, integrated circuits, chemicals, new energy.

a, airgel insulation, high temperature applications

1, heat insulation, high temperature

Because there are infinitely close to the nanoporous airgel pores, heat transfer in solids when it can only pass along the hole wall, an infinite number of pores near the wall constitutes \”infinitely long path\” effect, so that the solid thermal conduction capacity drops to near the lowest limit. Airgel mat insulation properties not only for fixing the warehouse, the refrigerating compartment, a special tent like, may also be moved in place insulation field command vehicles, the transport case temperature, the heat source locomotives, precision instruments and the like storage tank. The airgel can make every aspect of temperature resistance, strength, flexibility, performance, scalability, etc. can vary airgel felt or cloth, you can be armored tanks lined cockpit, extreme environment tent camp, boiler heat insulation, bedding aspects of clothing, lining helmets, uniforms winter, fire clothing, etc. applications.

1, spacecraft cabin construction materials, may beIn order to achieve insulation, thermal insulation, anti-shock, radiation, anti-static, anti-corrosion effect, it can also reduce the weight of the spacecraft itself; return capsule outer coating, heat insulation effect achieved when the re-entry. 2, making the suit, to achieve thermal insulation, anti-shock, radiation and other effects. 3, planetary exploration vehicles manufacturing materials, sophisticated detection equipment alien protective member (radiation). 4, adsorption, capture space particles.

the same characteristics in the military field, aerogels can be used:

1, aircraft, ships (boats), tanks, missiles or the like outer layer material (radiation, infrared absorption and diffuse reflection, avoid detection achieve invisibility;. shielding electronic signal itself, achieve anti-reconnaissance), inner part (antistatic treatment, heat insulation system), the external device (the control cabin glass, track, etc. of the tire explosion treatment) 2, airgel composite perlite insulation of houses, bulletproof aircraft machine nest, composite fiber insulation tent.

2, explosion-proof:

The use of airgel properties, we can require proof environment airgel used in tanks, armor, aircraft, storage, power facilities. In fact, in recent years, foreign military has begun the airgel used in tanks, armored vehicles and other heavy locomotive. Airgel composite body armor, anti-infrared fabric (cloak), etc.

3. Purification:

Adsorption of the airgel may be embodied as absorption, rejection, purification and the like. Gas masks, for example, carbon airgel, and anti-virus binding, the use of airgel nano structure such that antivirus mesoporous carbon adsorption greatly increased upon binding, while aerogels chemically stable such that it is as a catalyst carrier there are advantages, various properties of the catalyst can be used, gas masks can produce a variety of purposes according to the needs.

4, the noise reduction sound reduction

is filled with airgel interior open at both ends and communicating with the surface of the nanopore is coupled acoustically resistive material is an ideal ultrasound probe and stealth materials. If used in military field, enabling aircraft, ships (boats), tanks and other noise reduction, especially in submarine noise reduction; soundproof mobile, fixed command posts and other military facilities of noise; you can also create stealth coating, for the stealth fighter, aircraft and so on.

5. Other:

may also be used in supercomputers airgel, WeiManufacturing components star detection systems, electronic control systems; prolong lead-acid batteries (used in aircraft, ships (boats), tanks, etc.) life.

Two: airgel in petrochemical, municipal warm / cold, energy-saving power plant applications

Over the last decade, China\’s coal, oil prices have risen, thus increasing energy and resource utilization in the rapid development of society become imperative. Petrochemical industry as large energy consumption, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, performance and heat pipes of various equipment insulation materials made higher requirements. Status conventional insulation materials:

a conventional high thermal conductivity of the inorganic porous insulation materials, energy-saving effect is limited; 2 easily flammable organic foam material, the release of certain toxic substances cause serious environmental pollution; 3 outdoor heat. perennial pipe subjected to wind and sun, snow and rain erosion, erosion external shock, easily sedimented, damage, security risk;. 4 is easy to make the line vibration insulation of the insulation layer and the coating cracks, resulting in increased heat loss.

Advantages airgel insulation materials:

● low thermal conductivity, good insulation properties, it is possible to ensure insulation of pipelines of heat loss does not exceed the standard heat loss, and to reduce the thickness of the insulation layer; ● high hydrophobic, water low, low moisture absorption, sedimentation; ● a class a fire performance, to overcome the disadvantages of a low ignition point organic material; ● compressive good tensile properties, heat stable structure; ● easy cutting, easy construction, construction cost savings.

airgel insulation material can give a good performance of industrial pipe insulation, petrochemical, power plant capacity is large, but also energy-hungry, the total amount of all kinds of insulation materials used in each accounting for petroleum and petrochemical insulation material total consumption about a quarter of the amount. A large number of pipes and thermal insulation equipment needs. Petrochemical companies, a large number of power plants using a variety of crude oil storage tank, light tank, various chemical storage tanks, reaction equipment and pipes, a sharp rise in the internal temperature of the sun, resulting in a large loss of oil and chemicals, produce very big waste, but also cause environmental pollution. Petrochemical industry base under insulation corrosion insulation material long-term difficulties with excellent safety and production companies. Airgel insulation material can give a good industrial pipe thermal insulation properties, such as low temperature in the LNG project and other projects under construction, insuranceCold good and bad effects not only to the efficiency of the entire transport equipment, but also have a crucial impact on production safety device. Suitable cold material can not only reduce energy consumption and cooling loss, and to comply with environmental requirements for the safe production and create better efficiency to provide a guarantee. Airgel insulation materials can be a good solution to this problem, it has excellent durability and weather resistance. For this type of cryogenic insulation tailored. Aerogels are currently the lowest thermal conductivity of a solid insulation material; Class A non-combustible materials; airgel excellent waterproof performance, and the water vapor permeable; elastic blanket material, compression processing is quick and easy to install and brutal construction afraid ; good anti-aging properties, the aging test for 20 years almost no change in performance. Airgel fireproof, waterproof, breathable, insulation and heat insulation properties superior insulation perfect solution for thermal power heating equipment.

Three: airgel Urban Pipeline / warm the cold water pipe applications

energy conservation, increase economic efficiency of enterprises. Central heating is an important city lifeline project and is a real people\’s livelihood projects, the relationship between the quality of life of the masses, the relationship between improving the ecological environment, the relationship between social harmony and stability. Heat pipe network, also known as heat pipes, starting from the boiler room, engine room direct combustion, heating centers, heat from the heating pipes leading to the entrance of the building heat, in order to ensure the smooth and orderly urban traffic and does not affect the city looks now heat pipe cities usually underground laying of the way. Status conventional insulation materials:

a total line length is longer, the performance difference between the conventional insulation materials, the heat is likely to cause damage; 2 poor temperature, carbonization prone to long-term use, loss of insulation effect; 3 thermal conductivity. high, thick insulation, an outer protective tube diameter results in a larger, increasing the cost of plumbing and transportation; 4 water is poor, short life, easily lead to pipeline corrosion.

Advantages airgel insulation materials:

● low thermal conductivity, to solve the long-distance transport medium temperature dramatic drop problems; ● low density, thin insulation, reducing the size of the outer protective tube, pipe laying and transportation cost reduction; ● tensile, compressive performance, heat stable structure; ● high hydrophobic material long life, good corrosion resistance, reduces the cost of frequent replacement; ● easyCutting, easy construction, saving construction costs.

of urban centralized heating, hot water generated by the heat source, steam piped to individual heat users constitutes a heating network. In the heating pipe to heat transport from the heat source to each user system by process heat, since the temperature of the heat medium pipe is higher than the ambient temperature, heating pipes have some heat loss along, therefore, to ensure the quality of the heat insulation work , energy conservation has great significance. Heating pipeline object is to reduce the thermal insulation medium heat loss during transport, and energy conservation, improved economy and safety of the system operation. The role of insulation to reduce energy loss and save energy, improve economic efficiency, protect the operating parameters of the medium, to meet user requirements of production and life. For the insulation of high temperature medium pipe, it can reduce the temperature of the outer surface of the insulation layer, to improve the working conditions of the environment, to avoid scalding accidents; a protective layer is to protect the insulation from outside mechanical damage. Thermal insulation can play a good role for enterprises of energy conservation, increase economic efficiency. Whether laying or underground laying of overhead, airgel can adapt to the environment, anti-corrosion, anti-soak can reduce heat loss, reduce maintenance and greatly limits the process time and reduced maintenance costs.

IV: Application of the ship airgel locomotive equipment, wire and cable, batteries, electronic components and other industries

Release insulating fire insulation sheet for automotive battery safety of new energy; for battery Release film thermal insulation box; Release insulation film for consumer electronics; fire insulation felts energy for ships and vehicles liner provided;

airgel applications in new energy vehicles

with the deepening of the national energy saving work carried out, the new energy automotive industry has been actively developed. Power source of new energy vehicles mainly from the lithium-ion battery-based battery power system, despite the current safety of lithium batteries has been significantly improved, but in extreme conditions, lithium batteries are still burning, the risk of explosion. Thermal runaway propagation is a major problem faced by lithium batteries, the current solution is to increase through the insulating layer in the battery pack, blocking the thermal runaway spread out of control from the surrounding monomer to achieve a reduction in damage to the battery pack and the damage incidental. At the same time performance of the power train is affected by temperature, too low a temperature to affect a regenerative brakingMoving performance of the system, the charging speed is too slow and less than the electrical charge, and therefore insulation performance of the heat insulating layer to prevent such good low temperature lithium batteries. Status of traditional insulation materials:

a high thermal conductivity, high thermal insulation thickness space; 2 fireproof, waterproof performance is not good enough; 3 fast decay insulation properties, short life….

Advantages airgel insulation materials:

● excellent fire performance, and lithium batteries have to ensure the optimum operating temperature, while accidental ignition when security personnel evacuation valuable time; ● low thermal conductivity, heat good performance, the heat insulating layer thickness, improve space utilization of the battery pack; ● good waterproof performance and longer life; ● non-toxic, pollute the environment.

airgel in the application of high-speed rail motor car

China\’s current high-speed railway operating mileage of over 29,000 km, accounting for two-thirds of the world\’s high-speed railway operating mileage of more than fast EMU speed, security and stability operations, internal quiet and comfortable environment, has become one of the inevitable choice of daily travel. But EMU envelope mezzanine space is small, high-performance insulation materials need to solve the problem of insulation inside the cabin. Status conventional insulation materials:

a high thermal conductivity, thermal insulation thickness large space; 2 high density, is not conducive to reduce body weight; 3 environmental performance difference, may release toxic gases when burned…

Advantages airgel insulation materials:

● low thermal conductivity, the insulation effect, the same insulation effect is only 1/5 ~ 1/3 the thickness of the traditional insulation material, space saving; ● excellent fire performance, to provide for the safety of personnel evacuation accidental fire valuable time; ● noise reduction, the more quiet and comfortable cabin; ● non-toxic, environmental pollution; ● low density, tensile good compression performance, lower body mass while ensuring a certain degree of strength.

V: airgel equipment, electronic components, batteries and thermal insulation applications

Airgel insulation materials excellent in thermal insulation performance is also reflected in the following aspects: [123 ] low thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity at room temperature 0.018W / m · k; excellent hydrophobic properties, hydrophobic rate ≥99.9%; excellent machining performance; high strength, tear resistant; high flexibility; safe nontoxic; Class A fire protection. With the overall heat insulation material partially change the direction of heat, or excessive localized heat to penetrate the barrier and the heat or temperature-sensitive electronic components to isolate the heat and the like.

new energy vehicles has become the world\’s main strategic direction of development of each country is to reduce exhaust pollution and improve the environment an important industry, the development of new energy vehicles, provide unlimited imagination for the rapid development of new energy power batteries, along with in-depth research on battery technology, battery technology and industry continue the mileage be greatly improved. Lithium-ion batteries due to \”thermal runaway\” caused by electric car caught fire and explosions often found in newspapers. With the overall heat insulation material partially change the direction of heat, or excessive localized heat to penetrate the barrier and the heat or temperature-sensitive electronic components to isolate the heat and the like. With the continuous improvement of group performance motor car, body structure and materials also will have a series of changes, and these changes will have an impact on the EMU body insulation properties. EMU roof insulation properties is one of the main factors that affect the body heat, the effects of different thermal insulation properties of the roof structure, dynamic analysis of energy consumption for EMU to determine its air conditioning load and avoid harsh working conditions (dew inner wall the local temperature is too high) appears, and the maintenance of the car comfortable thermal environment are of great significance. Electric car in winter heat in whether the normal, safe driving and the car is equipped with power battery has a great relationship. At high temperatures, if no suitable cooling solution, the temperature around the battery pack a larger difference, influence the consistency of the battery cell and trigger a series of follow-up questions. One of the more serious is that the battery charge lead to \”thermal runaway\”, and thus make electric vehicles on fire, explosion. The airgel material itself has a Class A fire function, when new energy vehicles due to \”thermal runaway\” and fire, but also can play a good role in thermal protection for passengers to escape from or to win more time to extinguish the fire, and then reduce losses. Nature and influenced by the temperature of the battery power factor, the discharge efficiency changes with temperature changes, thus affecting the performance of the electric vehicle. Winter can be a good solution to the new energy automotive battery pack temperature is too low problems. The thickness of conventional materials only 1/5 ~ 1/3You can achieve the same insulating effect for the limited space of the battery pack to save more valuable space, equivalent to the thickness of the insulation effect is more durable than traditional materials, very good problem-solving cold winter, new energy battery pack life decline, improve power utilization efficiency while also extend the life of the battery pack. In recent years, people\’s attention to environmental protection, development and utilization of natural gas more and more attention. Because of the uneven distribution of the world\’s natural gas, the maritime transportation of natural gas as possible, with the acceleration of the development of natural gas resources, China\’s liquefied natural gas has entered a new stage. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) at a temperature of about -162 deg.] C at atmospheric pressure, a large LNG storage device can not withstand high pressure, it can only be transported under normal pressure or low pressure conditions. LNG from production to use can be divided into the following five parts: the production of LNG, shipping, receiving, allocation, subscriber. Each and every element there is some delivery problems. In order to improve the effect of cold storage tank of the LNG carrier, LNG reduced evaporation rate, from a development standpoint, select the appropriate cold insulation material is necessary.

VI: Application airgel thermal insulation in the construction industry energy-saving

The construction industry is one of China\’s fastest growing industries in material consumption, energy consumption 30 percent of the country\’s total proportion of the above. China\’s annual urban and rural areas of new housing construction area of ​​nearly 2 billion square meters, of which more than 80% of high-energy buildings; nearly 40 billion square meters of existing buildings, more than 95% are high-energy buildings. At present, China energy consumption per unit floor area is 2 to 3 times more than in developed countries, so the Government\’s policy of energy conservation efforts to gradually increase, more building energy efficiency standards have been proposed, designed to promote and regulate the development of energy-saving building materials. Appeared on the market and is studying a wide range of building insulation materials, the composition of the material can be divided into two categories, one is inorganic insulation materials such as aerated concrete, fiberglass, rock wool and the like; a species is an organic insulation material such as extruded polystyrene board and polystyrene particles. But the prevalence of traditional insulation materials are still some problems in the overall insulation effect. Status conventional insulation materials:

a low thermal efficiency, energy saving effect is not significant; 2 difference in environmental performance, it is difficult to treatment of waste products, environmental pollution; 3 hydrophobicity difference, large deformation coefficient, short life. ;. 4 portion of the material does not preventUnder fire, high temperature and easy to release toxic gases.

airgel insulation material advantages:

● low thermal conductivity, good insulation properties, the insulation layer is thin, space saving; ● good fire, hydrophobic properties, long life; ● security environmental protection, no environmental damage; ● porous structure, high specific surface area, noise reduction, create a comfortable environment; ● easy to cut, easy construction, reduce construction costs.

airgel insulation in the construction industry applications

airgel is an ultra low density solid materials having new. New insulating material having a nano-porous structure, a strong insulation properties, is a broad application prospects, and is widely used in the construction industry. Airgel composites in different areas of the building, has a different application, the energy saving effect can play a fruitful. Airgel material comprises felt / plate, the airgel insulation mortar, solar panels airgel, airgel insulation coatings. Can be used as a reasonable alternative to the airgel insulation system supplies wall insulation material, is a superior insulation performance of Class A fire insulation material, its thermal conductivity is much lower than the energy saving building insulation has been on the market for inorganic insulation materials such as rock wool board, expanded glass beads of insulation mortar, cement foam board, foam glass, the absolute performance advantages airgel material. Completely hydrophobic inorganic insulating material, airgel is an excellent insulation material insulation material selection. Regardless of its thermal conductivity and have great advantages compared with conventional organic insulation material or inorganic insulation material. Currently on the market will mature wall insulation systems using airgel insulation material reasonable alternative materials, auxiliary materials and recipes to make reasonable adjustments can play a collection of all advantages results. Gel material having good thermal insulation properties and fire performance over conventional insulation materials alternatives. Application insulation mortar particle size of the airgel particles is 0.5 ~ 5.0mm, a density of 40 ~ 380 kg / m3, a pore size of 25 ~ 45 nm, preparation of a suitable size and density can be controlled process conditions airgel particles material. Such particulate material may be prepared airgel insulation mortar and inorganic cementitious composite material, depending on the use of different ratios can be adjusted as external wall insulation material, filling layer insulation sandwich wall material. Combined with airgel materialThe advantage of ultra-low thermal conductivity, in the application of airgel particulate material having a thermal insulation mortar has certain advantages. Airgel insulation mortar having good thermal insulation properties, has low thermal conductivity, Class A fire rating can be widely applied to the exterior wall, interior wall insulation. Especially in renovation, museums, galleries and other maintenance, is extremely significant insulation advantages.

used in insulation board decorative integration

insulation decorative wall insulation board is the integration of a new direction, which has construction advantages, can also be realized prefabricated factory production, with scale. This is also the site construction insulation systems can not match. Development of integrated insulation decorative plate has undergone three stages, the first stage is a simple insulation material layer and the facing layer bonded composite, which composite panel of simple structure, low strength, poor impact resistance, easy deformation; to overcome the deficiencies of the simple composite plate, developed between two layers of insulation material layer of a certain thickness of the aluminum plate was added a second-generation integrated insulation decorative panels, such sheet has improved strength and impact resistance, while addition of aluminum defects caused by water vapor is trapped inside the insulation system difficult to discharge, damage to the insulation system is easily formed; third generation plates are then incubated decorative integration evolved, between the finishing layer and the insulation layer a layer of fiber reinforced cement board to enhance the strength of the system, and an additional insulation inside the interface layer to enhance the bonding affinity of the insulation layer and the base wall.

Application of airgel material in the insulation sandwich wall

Application of the advantages of airgel material in insulation sandwich wall system in that its light mass, low thermal conductivity, and A level non-combustible . At the same time the service life can be achieved with buildings with life; compared with inorganic insulation materials, airgel has a lower thermal conductivity, which means using less conventional airgel material may be relatively thick insulating material to reach achieved. Sandwich material thickness is reduced, saving not only the insulation material itself, since the gap space can be reduced, which will reduce the wrapping material, will be able to reduce the thickness of the entire wall, increased use of space, reduce the weight of the wall, the corresponding you can improve the structural safety. Wall sandwich insulation material is commonly used in sheet molded products, such as rock wool board or a mortar-type material such as mortar Adhesive Polystyrene insulation foam and field construction cast inorganic foam insulation materials, such as foam cement. gasGelling materials used in wall insulation can either use the sandwich plate shaped articles such as airgel mat or an airgel plate made core layer, it may be used incorporating thermal insulation airgel particles prepared as folders the core filler.

Application of architectural membrane structures

a modified membrane structure using traditional building materials and film material, only one out of three traditional building materials weight. And the membrane structure can overcome the difficulties encountered by the traditional structure implemented on a large span (unsupported) building fundamentally, can create huge unobstructed visual space. Freedom of its shape lightweight, flame-retardant, making easy, quick installation, energy saving, safe, etc., which are widely used around the world. Airgel mat products have excellent flexibility, low thermal conductivity, good light transmittance, can be used in building a perfect film structure.

airgel insulation coating applications in the construction industry:

airgel insulation coatings are used in construction appearance, can replace the traditional thermal insulation coatings products. Airgel insulation coatings have extremely low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation obvious advantages, will become more widely used in the construction industry. With the continuous improvement of the national energy saving requirements, and the pursuit of quality of life, building insulation is becoming a key issue in the construction sector. For a building, it is almost all parts, are related to issues that need thermal insulation. Including interior and exterior wall, roof, floors, glass windows. Only the overall thermal insulation, can really achieve the purpose of energy saving. In foreign markets, airgel composite insulation materials is the largest application in the field of building materials. US Department of Housing and Urban Housing insulation properties are clearly strict rules, developers before in order to achieve such a provision must be given within the housing wall, the floor, the installation of thick insulation layer, until airgel composites appear. US building wall thus greatly thinned, a substantial increase in net housing space, an area smaller. The costs associated with the increase, the rate of transfer of energy-saving honest to the final consumers. Building insulation is mainly taken from the building envelope measures, and measures to reduce the building indoor heat dissipated to the outside, has an important role to create a suitable indoor thermal environment and energy conservation. By aerogels with other more complex building insulation materials, it is possible to enhance the insulation performance on the market building insulation materials, improve energy efficiency.

VII, gas condensateThe new application opportunities glue

Application of Pharmaceutical and Biological airgel:

Iron Oxide airgel target cells can be directed to guide the carrier as a pharmaceutical, Watch pathogens. Tabletting mixed with other substances, aerogels due to the large aperture ratio table may be more conducive to drug release.

airgel chemical sensor applications regard:

act as a different action by the sensor group and the airgel surface charge attracted.

airgel in agriculture:

can be used as a greenhouse vegetable insulation materials, instead of conventional glass cover glass airgel can greatly improve the efficiency of the collector, its good insulating performance may be reduced and the suction cover hot plate and the heat losses of the cover plate and the surrounding environment.

airgel transport automotive applications:

can be used as a filler to increase the wear resistance of the tire automobile tires and the like; as an internal insulator of an automobile engine, to reduce thermal damage to the engine.

airgel in everyday terms:

as insoles, sports shoes, apparel filling layer, insulate at lower temperatures. In 2000, British mountaineer • Anne Parr Clement airgel insoles to wear boots with a climb up Mount Everest, his sleeping bag also has a layer of new material.

airgel environment purification applications:

of nanomaterials great surface area and a special nano-porous structure, it has good adsorption performance, activated carbon adsorption capacity is 6 times of, It can be used for water purification and adsorption of oil and gas adsorbing VOCs, a new green adsorbent material. The exhaust gas purifying apparatus comprises a processing organic and inorganic waste gas purification system gas purification apparatus. The main exhaust gas purification include various organic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, acids, ketones and amines. Inorganic exhaust gas purification include sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides, and halogen compounds. Industrial waste gas pollution is a major human burning of fossil fuels (coal and oil) in the process of production and living activities, while mining drilling, blasting, building materials crushing, screening, smelting and casting, etc. caused. Atmospheric pollutants mainly dust particles, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, or several. Thanks to the atmosphere large amounts of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, air pollution did occur, due to the generation of one thing after another pollution incident. Scientists pinThe nature of such oxides, and proposes to solve the pollution technology absorption, adsorption, condensation, catalytic conversion, combustion, biological purification method, a membrane separation method and the dilution method. Airgel super adsorption capacity of their own, especially those with a very good adsorption purification effect for benzene contamination, can be used for the treatment of industrial gases and water pollution and daily classes. and many more