An annual output of 60,000 cubic meters of airgel blancos ecological science and technology park project located in Chenzhou, Hunan

March 21 morning, held in Chenzhou City, Singapore blancos ecological science and technology park project signed groundbreaking ceremony cum. Mayor Liu Zhiren, Singapore blancos Holdings Limited CEO Wu Wei Tao attended the ceremony and participated in a groundbreaking event. 年产6万立方米气凝胶布兰科斯科技生态园项目落户湖南郴州 on the symposium, Liu Zhiren welcome Singapore enterprises to invest in the development of Chenzhou. Liu Zhiren hope blancos company Singapore advanced management concept to Chenzhou, first-class design, first-class management, first-class operation, first-class team, to create blancos technology eco-park project. Liu Zhiren said the just-concluded two of the country passed the \”Foreign Investment Law\”, China\’s opening up will increase; Chenzhou big Bay Area adjacent to Guangdong, Hong Kong and superior business environment, opening up a huge potential for development, the company hopes to strengthen Singapore Chenzhou cooperation and exchange, to achieve win-win development. 年产6万立方米气凝胶布兰科斯科技生态园项目落户湖南郴州 HE Deputy Mayor compliance celebration event. It is understood that the airgel is a solid physical form, the world\’s smallest solid density. Density of 3kg per cubic meter. General common silicon airgel airgel, which was first proposed by American scientists Kistler made in 1931. Many types of airgel, silicon-based, carbon-based, sulfur-based, metal oxide, metal-based and the like. aerogel is a combination of words, here aero is an adjective, represents flight, gel apparently gel. Literally can fly gel. It can be any substance as long as the gel after drying after removal of the solvent inside, but also to substantially maintain its shape unchanged, and the product having a high porosity, low density, can call all the airgel. Because very low density, the lightest aerosilicon only slightly less than 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter of air density, it is also called \”frozen smoke\” or \”blue smoke.\” Since the inside of the particles are very small (nanometer scale), so when it is visible through a small scattering (Rayleigh scattering), just as the sun through the air. So, it looked like the sky and the blue (if there is no doping other things), if we look to the light a little red. (The sky is blue, the sun looks a bit red). Since the airgel is generally more than 80% of air, so there is very good thermal insulation effect, quite inch thick airgel 20-30 ordinary glass. Even on the airgel between Rose and flame, the Rose will remain intact. Aerogels in space exploration also has a variety of uses, the Russian \”peace\”And the US space station \”Mars Pathfinder\” on the detector has used this material. Also airgel particle physics experiments, using the detector as Cherenkov effect. Bit Belle experiment detector KEK B meson in the factory called airgel Cherenkov counter (Aerogel Cherenkov Counter, ACC) particle discriminator, it is a new application instance. Low refraction index between liquid and gas characteristics of the detectors utilized airgel, as well as the nature of the solid and high transmittance, is superior to the traditional practice of using high pressure air or cryogenic liquids. Meanwhile, the nature of which is a light-weight advantage. According to experts, the \”carbon sponge\” highly flexible, can still be restitution after being compressed to 80%. It organic solvent having a fast, ultra-high suction force, a suction force is the highest reported to date materials. Existing products are generally only suck the liquid oil absorption of about 10 times its own mass, and the \”carbon sponge\” absorption amount of about 250 times, up to 900 times, and only oil absorbent. \”Big eaters\” to eat organics fast: such a \”carbon sponge\” to absorb 68.8 grams per gram of organic matter per second. Currently, the lab is studying further applications of the adsorption properties of this material. Researchers claim that \”carbon sponge\” may also be desirable to phase change thermal insulation material, the catalytic support, the sound absorbing material and a composite material efficiently. But it is difficult to accurately predict its field of application and prospects, had to rely on the imagination of the industry and society, so that this new material out of the laboratory to application value