Analysis nanoscale silica airgel blanket insulation performance characteristics

Nanoscale silica Aerogels blanket insulation is the lowest thermal conductivity of a known insulating material, which is in the silica airgel composite fiber having soft and easy cutting ﹑ ﹑ inorganic fire ﹑ overall hydrophobic properties. ﹑ Pipes mainly used in industrial storage tanks, industrial furnace, power plants, saving space, buried pipes, injection molding machines, removable insulation jacket, heavy oil recovery, transportation, household appliances, steel, nonferrous metals, glass, etc. insulation . Nanoscale silica airgel blanket insulation performance characteristics: 1, excellent energy saving performance. Nanoscale silica airgel thermal insulation effect reinforcing mat 2-8 times than the conventional thermal insulation material properties of different classes, and longer life. 2, insulation construction simple. Nanoscale silica airgel blanket insulation lightweight, easily cut, sewn to adapt to the complex, and other special shapes and curved surfaces, easy to package compensator , valves, T-shaped member and the like. Less time and manpower required for installation. 3, saving transportation costs. Nanoscale silica airgel blanket insulation smaller size and lighter weight of the packaging will be greatly reduced logistics costs. 4, improve space utilization. Nanoscale silica airgel blanket insulation to achieve the same insulation effect, the thickness of only a fraction of one of the traditional materials. 5, hydrophobicity and fire resistance. . Nanoscale silica airgel blanket insulation to prevent moisture into the interior of the felt body, to effectively prevent insulating material caused by water seepage decreased insulation properties. Fire performance to A1 level. 6, environmental safety. Nanoscale silica airgel insulation mat composed of inorganic material, it does not contain harmful substances. Little chloride ion content can be eluted, no corrosion of equipment and pipelines. You must wear a mask during installation. 7, other advantages. Excellent compression rebound performance.