Application airgel material in new energy vehicles in

As temperatures rise, traffic safety under the scorching sun become a topic of concern to motorists. The car \”Fire\” is the focus of the annual summer people will inevitably question. Many consumers buy the moment the biggest concern of new energy vehicles in addition to worry about endurance level, battery depletion attenuation outside the safety of electric vehicles is more concerned about factors. And, from time to time due to spontaneous combustion can see the electric car has become a hot event, but also makes the safety of electric vehicles being questioned. new energy vehicles spontaneous event, for the public is already not a new topic. Since May, you know cut small series on a news Dongguan electric vehicle charging scrapped three cars caught fire, smoke ideal ONE new energy vehicles on fire in the streets of Changsha city road engine compartment, Tangxia new energy vehicle charging spontaneous combustion, around Four cars were also burned skeleton and so on all kinds of new energy vehicles in the event. According to incomplete statistics, in the last 10 days, the country has been at least 20 cases of new energy vehicles spontaneous combustion accident occurred. New energy vehicles, it\’s really easy to spontaneous combustion? What is the cause of spontaneous combustion? Today we take a look at that thing new energy automobile spontaneous combustion. 气凝胶材料在新能源汽车中的应用

Spontaneous battery is new energy vehicles \”culprit\”

New energy spontaneous combustion generally summed up in two:

1, 2 electric short circuit, internal short-circuit cause spontaneous combustion vehicles.

cars statistics of the media a set of data, in a state when the ignition of the vehicle has been identified, the travel state is 41%, 40% static state, the state of charge of 19%; while the investigation has been out the reason for the fire, battery problems accounted for 58%, 19% collision problem, flooding problems 7%, 7% use of, other components fault 3% 3% external causes. Thus, the battery problem is the greatest source of spontaneous combustion. 气凝胶材料在新能源汽车中的应用 new energy storage battery vehicles are many points, in the car with a lithium battery, a nickel hydrogen battery, a sodium-sulfur battery. Since the lithium battery whereinRelatively high energy density and is widely used in passenger cars, but these materials more readily lithium during charge and discharge of heat, and with the improvement of the energy density, the probability of thermal runaway also showed a substantial rise. If a vehicle collision, the battery pack is deformed, resulting in a battery separator is torn and internal short circuit occurs, the electrolyte easily leaks due to flammability and ultimately lead to a fire. In addition to lithium lithium resolution phenomenon also prone. During charging, lithium ions are positively charged back to the negative electrode, the process returns to easily collide form irreversible metallic lithium, metallic lithium deposited on the negative electrode easily generated dendritic structure – lithium dendrite, lithium dendrites \” growth \”on the one hand will consume electrolyte, on the one hand can cause the battery to short-circuit, resulting in fire or explosion. 气凝胶材料在新能源汽车中的应用 even more difficult problem to solve, battery charging and heating when used it is difficult to avoid, the vehicle is equipped with a good battery thermal management system is the key to reducing the risk of spontaneous combustion. But limited cost, many new energy vehicles using only natural cooling, leading to new energy vehicles since the battery pack overheating autoignition. In general, a pure electric car spontaneous combustion factors are many, but the vast majority are caused due to the battery pack. This requires car companies in the development of models to good quality, but also to accelerate the technological upgrading of the battery core materials. It is noteworthy that, from the point of view of the failure, the failure rate of new energy vehicles is declining year by year, 2019, the failure rate of new energy vehicles compared with 2018, it fell by 7.7%. Airgel insulation material for electric car spontaneous combustion of this global problem rock extension technology is expected to solve the problem. airgel insulating material is placed at the bottom of the new energy car battery, is firmly held by a metal shell, since the characteristics of the power of the battery, when the battery is overcharged, and the battery short-circuit processing system when a failure occurs, a fire occurs. In the minds of many car owners, car ignition occurs only in the hot summer. In fact, sometimes the fuel circuit problem or display problems and can lead to spontaneous combustion vehicles. Winter weather is dry, prone to static electricity and sparks, leading to spontaneous combustion vehicles. New energy vehicles, mainly by spontaneous combustion from burning up direction due to the battery power, because there are many plastic parts. Once the vehicle line aging, cracking damage or poor contact, causing a short circuit leakage, Fluid leakage or a spark could cause the car to spontaneous combustion. 气凝胶材料在新能源汽车中的应用

application airgel insulation materials in new energy in the

at low temperatures, cruising range of electric vehicles will be greatly reduced, but also the loss of half of the mileage. To \”cold\” charge the battery even very difficult. If the temperature falls below zero degrees Celsius, the electric vehicle driving distance than the 30% drop under normal circumstances. However, since a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, the insulation effect, have fire-level functions A1, thin, light weight, easy to use, and can well deal with new energy vehicles, battery pack temperature is low. airgel insulating material was subjected to 60 minutes may be flame penetration test, common standard RoHS-test, no poisonous gases at high temperature erosion. The thickness of the conventional data need only 1/5 ~ 1/3 can achieve the same insulation effect, thus saving valuable space is more limited space of the battery pack. And other thick insulation effect is more durable than traditional data airgel insulation, very good at dealing with the cold winter. The durability of the battery pack is new energy issues, an improved power usage may also extend the life of the battery pack together. 气凝胶材料在新能源汽车中的应用 at a high temperature, if no suitable cooling solution, the temperature of each battery in the battery shows large differences, which will affect the functionality of high temperature near the battery pack is a battery pack. At the same time, more serious problem is the battery caused by overcharging \”thermal runaway\”, which led to electric cars on fire and explosion. However, airgel insulation material has its own fire A1 has a function, when the new energy vehicles due to \”thermal runaway\” and failure, can also play a very good insulating effect, so as to win passengers more escape or extinguishing time, further reducing losses. Further, airgel insulating material RoHS-standard tests, under high temperature conditions no toxic gas erosion, can operate to come inside the case. Yan Extension Technology (, mainly engaged in airgel production, according to the actual needs or custom shape requirements of customers, please feel free to contact us for more information contact.