Application method and effect of domestic and foreign aerogels in the field of building energy conservation

1, Aerogels in terms of the application of energy windows typical current building envelope, heat loss through windows about 40% to 50% total building heat loss, and as people improve the living environment, but also increasing the area of ​​windows and doors, use energy-saving glass for the entire building energy will play an important role. Airgel relatively energy-saving glass fax empty glass, laminated glass, energy-saving glass system has many advantages. 国内外气凝胶在建筑节能领域的应用方法及效果 Scientists simulation, vacuum glass aerogels prepared argon replacement three IG mounted on doors and windows. The analog examples for the residents in the Danish climate house. In which two Danish insulation building standards in line with the other two composite Danish energy efficiency building standards (house heating energy consumption <15 kW · h / m2 / a). By calculating the energy consumption for heating homes in energy-efficient performance to compare the two glass. Common residential housing opposing the hollow glass airgel glass energy saved per year 1180 kWh / a, about 19% energy saving housing the figure is 700 kWh / a, accounting for 34% of the total energy. Airgel is not only more energy efficient vacuum glass also has a good visual effect. 2, the use of airgel airgel mat pipeline construction has the advantage of ultra-high heat insulating properties and hydrophobicity, etc., it is an ideal pipe insulation Materials. The figure is an airgel mat structure pipe insulation, airgel insulation blankets wound closely on the pipe conduit of the first layer, the insulation layer as the main insulation structure, the outer protective layer and the metal strap is provided the outdoor wind and rain, and mechanical protection, if the wound multilayer mat can be offset overlapping manner airgel improve thermal performance. Airgel mat has good flexibility and tensile, compressive strength, fast and convenient construction, the overall additional hydrophobic airgel mat so that throughout the life of the thermal conductivity is almost unchanged. The conventional insulating material compared to the airgel insulation with insulation properties significantly better than other materials. According to US estimates Aspen\’s average per kilometer high-temperature steam pipes in use only the energy consumption can bring a savings of $ 2.5 million, and in the transformation of building heating pipe insulation materials, ideally a year That is about the cost of transformation into the next save.3 using conventional airgel panels in the walls and roofs walls and roof insulation materials are divided into inorganic materials and organic materials, insulation materials occupied 80% of the market, an organic insulation material polystyrene foam board poor fire retardant, an inorganic The insulation material rockwool , Glass wool , etc. most of density and poor thermal insulation effect. Airgel plate having a low thermal conductivity, low density, high flame retardancy is over the walls and roofs of insulation material. The following figure shows the current common airgel insulation plate, including roof insulation and wall insulation. The main structure of the insulation board is an airgel, the thermal conductivity at a normal temperature can reach 0.013 W / m · K, almost only one third of the extruded polystyrene board, is much lower than other Construction insulation material having a high insulation performance. Airgel plate may also function as a sound absorption function, the structure may also effectively block the noise. Airgel and the board felt this structure using the combustion performance for A1 level, is completely non-flammable material, to solve the contradiction between the huge building insulation and building fire can not coexist. Airgel mat or board density less than 200 kg / m3, convenient construction also reduces the weight of the entire building. 4, airgel airgel in powder coatings may be applied in coatings, made with insulation effect insulation coating , complement insulation. Some researchers cenospheres, respectively, made of SiO2 airgel insulation filler, added to the white external coating made of an acrylate insulation coatings, SiO2 aerogels have thermal insulation coating made by the measuring means measuring outperforms cenospheres insulation coatings. There researchers SiO2 airgel stabilizer Ai Lisuo TMRM825 modified and prepared a slurry, the aqueous acrylic resin as the film forming material, in cooperation with the aid of prepared aqueous nano transparent insulation coating, the results show that glass coated film thickness is 20 ~ 25μm, the coating film has good mechanical properties, visible light transmittance greater than 89%, transparency is good, and better insulation effect. Airgel coatings can be applied not only to the outer wall of the insulation may also be applied in the building interior insulation and building insulation top and bottom of the building insulation. 2010 Shanghai World Expo Zero Carbon Museum Vanke laboratory building and the application of this type of paint, this paint show withThere are outstanding energy-saving effect. Aerogels may also be used as a concrete additive used to reduce the thermal conductivity of the concrete. The researchers abroad carried out research on concrete compound mixed with varying amounts of hydrophobic or hydrophilic SiO2 airgel powder, thermal conductivity of the concrete mass increases SiO2 airgel powder content is reduced, but the compressive strength will be reduced, the shrinkage will be increased. Accordingly SiO2 airgel features may be added for non-load-bearing walls of concrete, or as a Cement adhesive agent used . With the development of concrete additives, additives can be added to supplement the loss of mechanical properties.