Application of airgel in different areas of analysis

In Fractal structure. Aerogels industry market research analysis report, aerosilicon controllable as a configuration nanoporous material that exhibits clearly dependent on the density of scale size, within a certain size range, the density is often with scale invariance, i.e., the density decreases with increasing scale, and has a self-similar structure, the structure of the fractal structure kinetic studies also indicate aerogels, in different scales, there are three distinct excitation dispersion relation region, respectively corresponding to phonon excitation shaped sub-divided particles and mold. Airgel change preparation conditions, it may be associated with length variation in the range of two orders of magnitude. Thus a great material aerosilicon Fractal Structure and kinetic behavior. Strong laser research in the \”863\” high-tech. Nanoporous material has important applications, such as the use of a porous target material below the critical density, beam quality is expected to improve the electron impact excitation of the X-ray laser generator, the driving energy conservation, the use of new porous microspheroidal target node structure can be achieved other x-ray laser gain coefficient from the body in the three-dimensional adiabatic expansion of rapid cooling, the composite mechanism of improving electron generated by ultra low density material adsorbs fuel, constitutes the high gain can be frozen in inertial confinement fusion targets. Nanoporous airgel thin network structure, huge surface area, controllable dimensionally mesoscopic structures, the best candidate for the development of new target density. In as insulation material. Silica airgel thin nano network structure effectively limits the spread of excitation of localized hot, solid state thermal conductivity lower than the corresponding glassy material is 2-3 orders of magnitude. Nano microvoids inhibit heat transfer to the gas molecules contribute. Aerosilicon refractive index close to L, and the ratio coefficient annihilation infrared and visible light up to 100 or more, infrared radiation can be transmitted efficiently sunlight and prevent the ambient temperature, an ideal transparent insulation materials in the use of solar energy and building energy efficiency has been applied. By means of doping, can further reduce radiant heat conduction of silicon airgel, carbon airgel mixed at normal temperature and pressure can be as low thermal conductivity 0.013w / m · K, it is the lowest thermal conductivity of solid materials , is expected to become a new refrigerator replacement polyurethane foam insulation materials. Incorporation of titanium dioxide can be aerosilicon new high temperature insulation material, the thermal conductivity at 800K rate of 0.03w / m · K, as a military supporting further development of new materialexhibition. Since the low sound velocity characteristics of silicon aerogels, it is an ideal acoustic delay or high temperature soundproofing material . Large acoustic impedance variable range of the material (103-107 kg / m2 · s), is an ideal ultrasound probe is coupled acoustically resistive material, such as a conventional sound barrier turns Zp = 1.5 × l07 kg / m2 · s as a piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic wave generator and the detector, and the sound of the air resistance is only 400 kg / m2 · s. Having a thickness of l / 4 wavelength as the sound aerosilicon piezoelectric ceramic material and the air barrier coupling. Can improve the transmission efficiency of the acoustic wave, reducing the signal to noise ratio in device applications. Preliminary results show that the silicon density of about / m3 300 kg airgel as a coupling material can improve the sound intensity 30 dB, if the silicon airgel has a density gradient, is expected to be higher sound intensity gain. In environmental protection and chemical industry. Aerogels may also be used as novel nanostructures gas filter, is different from other materials with a uniform distribution of the material pore size, high porosity, the material is a highly efficient gas filter. Since the material is extremely large specific surface and volume. Aerogels in the carrier side as a new catalyst or catalysts and also has broad application prospects. In the energy storage device. After the organic aerogels obtained after the sintering process treatment such conductive carbon airgel porous carbonaceous material is a new material developed Following the activated carbon fiber, which has a large surface area (600-1000 m2 / kg) and high conductivity (10-25 s / cm). Moreover, a wide range of density (0.05-1.0 g / cm3). As cave micropores charged into a suitable electrolyte may be made of new rechargeable battery having a large storage capacitance, internal resistance, light weight, high charge-discharge capacity, can be repeatedly used and other outstanding features, preliminary results show that: the charge capacity of the carbon airgel 3 × 104 / kg2, power density of 7 kw / kg, repeated charge and discharge performance good. In the study of quantum size effect material. Since the quantum dot structure is formed within the silicon airgel nano network, a chemical vapor infiltration doped Si doped results indicate that the C60 and the solution process, the dopant is present in the form of nanocrystalline grains, and observed a strong visible emission, It provides strong evidence for the emission quantum confinement effect of porous silicon. Silicon airgelAnd a nonlinear optical effects structure C60 may be further developed new laser goggles. Effective means of phase nano-composite material is formed by a method of doping. Further, the refractive index of silicon aerogels are adjustable material used as a medium of different density airgel Cerenkov threshold detector may determine the mass and energy of energetic particles. Due to high-velocity particles easily penetrate the porous material and gradually decelerated, \”soft landing\”, such as the selection of high-speed capture transparent airgel particles in the space, with the naked eye or microscope is blocked, the captured particles. As a new nanoporous materials, aerogels addition, there are other units have been developed, di- or polycarboxylic oxide aerogels, organic aerogels and carbon aerogels. As means for preparing a unique material related processes are widely used, as the preparation of a high porosity of the porous silicon in the development of other new materials, the preparation of high performance metal catalyst – airgel composite material, high temperature superconducting material, ultra-fine ceramic powder.