Application of airgel material coatings

application status airgel coating Coating industry development so far, classification more detailed, more targeted professional. Nano Aerogels is to follow the development of nano-composite airgel coating material, paint emerging developed species, the difference according to the specific requirements, can be divided into Insulation Coating hydrophobic coatings, such as different varieties, has a very broad application prospects. 1, insulation coating is a novel insulating material , thermal insulation is achieved by a coating of low thermal conductivity and high heat resistance. Airgel its most outstanding insulation properties, very fit together the technical requirements of thermal insulation coatings, both good thermal insulation effect, but also a thin film. Currently development and application of the developed countries in this regard has been more popular, whether it is the construction industry, or industrial piping, has a large number of applications. Domestic applications are basically imported foreign products. Unlike emission type paint, insulation type coating material has a high demand for heat insulation properties, not just infrared reflecting sunlight. 2, the coating is a hydrophobic coating to improve the original, having a hydrophobic function, having a lotus effect, stains can be easily wiped, which mainly hydrophobic self-cleaning properties, respiratory breathable, elastic repair functions. Now almost all of the water-based paint have to add a hydrophobic agent to enhance the paint function in this regard. Hydrophobic nano hydrophobic airgel material its high rate, an ideal material for coating a hydrophobic additive. nano airgel material advantage in the application of coatings (both for thermal insulation coatings, hydrophobic or as an additive) environmental protection, wide application of eco-friendly environment, the construction is very simple and convenient. Repair and recovery simple, low maintenance costs. Similar brick insulation effect coating having a thickness of 1-1.5mm thickness 10-20mm insulation fibers or 50-100 mm thickness. Under normal conditions (-60 ° С less than 200 ° С) Nano insulation coating life is 10 years. Excellent fire retardant properties, coating a softening temperature above 260 ° С, non-toxic combustion flame without smoke, fire retardant long time. Hydrophobic good, waterproof, prevent mildew. Coating from humidity, temperature and dew condensation. Coating Nano airgelScope: the field of architecture: walls, floors, roofs, attic insulation floor mildew: wood, cement, glass: high transmittance, low heat transfer metal structure: cold, storage compartment, the external walls of the plant, plant Color top industrial equipment: cold, hot water pipes, oil and gas pipelines, petroleum products storage tanks chemical library, repository, container cave tunnel: wall waterproofing, mold, moisture, thermal insulation, self-cleaning air conditioning ducts, trains rooms, refrigerator, weather equipment Comparative nano airgel coating with other materials 气凝胶材料在涂料方面的应用