Application of the principles and development of the industry airgel new materials

What is airgel material?

airgel is an internal network structure filled with the gas, presenting the appearance of a very low density of the porous solid material, the solid material is the lightest. It is generally made up of a network of nanoparticles composed of mutually crosslinked, wherein the interior of the pores is mainly a microporous particles, mostly between the particles and the particles are macroporous or mesoporous on 2 nm.

airgel material

The low thermal conductivity airgel

has a low density aerogels (~ 0.16 mg / cm3), high specific surface area (400 -1000 m2g-1), high porosity (90% -99.8%), low thermal conductivity (~ 0.012 Wm-1k-1), controlled architecture, and many other excellent properties, the world is called magic change material, the inclusion of since the 1990s, one of the top 10 science and technology, military and civilian applications has great value. 气凝胶新材料的原理应用和行业发展情况

airgel Category

from the components of the classification is to distinguish between aerogels most common way, a composite component into a single component and two categories. Single component oxide airgel comprising airgel (silica and non-silica), aerogels (resin matrix and fiber group), carbon airgel (carbonized plastic, carbon nanotubes, and graphene) , sulphides and other types of airgel airgel (single element, a carbide); airgel composite component comprises multicomponent airgel, airgel gradient and micro / nano-airgel composite. Wherein the silicon airgel, carbon airgel, and silica airgel most common.

and for thermal conductivity airgel structure

Aerogels have good thermal insulation, it is the main principle: the airgel nanopores not flow freely in the air, to eliminate air convection. Airgel composition up to 80% of air, a solid content less, and thermally conductive elongated path, thereby greatly reducing the solid heat conduction. The pore size of nanopores (mostly 20-50 nm) is smaller than the free path of air molecules (70nm), greatly reduced heat transfer is formed of air molecules colliding. Large number of gas-solid interfaces, and added special opacifiers, heat radiation blocking greatly. 气凝胶新材料的原理应用和行业发展情况

airgel production process

is the performance of the airgel by the structure thereof. Thus the junction of how to makeConfiguration is particularly critical, there are mainly three-step process. 1, the process solution to the sol: colloidal particles of nanoscale by condensation and hydrolysis in a homogeneous precursor solution to form, or to catalyze accelerated by catalysts. 2, the sol-gel process (gel): hand in hand the connection between the sol particles, assembled into a layered continuous wet gel having a network structure. 3, the gel into an airgel process (drying): this process the solvent in the wet gel is replaced by air, while not serious damage microstructure.


Thus there are two main production airgel key technologies: sol – gel technique and drying, the former is mainly in order to obtain a space having a network structure, which is sucked alcohol condensate gum backbone network solvent removed to obtain an airgel material. The former include: inorganic aerogels, organic aerogels, carbon aerogels sol – gel techniques, which are: Supercritical drying, subcritical drying, freeze-drying and atmospheric drying techniques.

Properties and applications of aerogels


The main properties of airgel and its application

a schematic view of energy saving building insulation
[123 ] Since the airgel can be an effective barrier to heat transfer three ways, so that it is particularly good insulating properties. This is also its largest application areas. There are many areas need insulation, such as buildings, factories and so on. As building insulation and external heat transfer can be effectively avoided, so you can save energy and reduce costs. In addition to the construction industry, as well as chemical insulation also has very broad application prospects. E.g. Changzhou day cycle technology in the energy-saving technology in special glass materials Hainan Airlines Co.:
气凝胶新材料的原理应用和行业发展情况 is a schematic view of chemical thermal insulation
Scale: 550t / a high-grade float glass production line kiln energy-saving insulation works, the use of contract energy management, on December 27, 2013 -2014 on January 14 organized and implemented. The program uses a titanium silicon nano technology as the core insulation technology combination, the melting portion of the furnace a large arch, refiner large arch, a large arch regenerator, the regenerator walls, parapet, small parts of the furnace, the total heat area 871m2, titanium super-insulation material using a silicon nano 2613m2. Insulation consumption before 2164kcal / kg of molten glass, after incubation 2096kcal / kg of molten glass, energy-saving rate of 3.14%; in natural gas savings 2,132,000 m, saving technological transformation investment: 310 million in economic 4.26 million yuan; in saving coal 1948t, Save row 5182tCO2, the payback period of 10 months.
气凝胶新材料的原理应用和行业发展情况 Long March V
November 3, 2016, China\’s new generation large-capacity launch vehicle \”Long March V\” successful maiden satellite launch center in Wenchang, Hainan. Which is rocket fuel gas piping system is to provide thermal insulation of domestic self-developed high-performance nano airgel insulation blankets.

industrial development

气凝胶新材料的原理应用和行业发展情况 airgel market size (Global)
According to China Galaxy Securities Research Department, in 2013 the global airgel market size about $ 220 million, it is estimated that by 2020 up to $ 1.9 billion in 2014– forecast period annual compound growth rate of 36.4% in 2020.
气凝胶新材料的原理应用和行业发展情况 Comparison of insulation material and airgel
In addition to see the specific market size, but also the market prospect. From the field of heat insulating material, currently only a small fraction of airgel insulating material. The airgel excellent performance, as long as the realization of large-scale production to reduce production costs, is bound to take up more of insulation material.
气凝胶新材料的原理应用和行业发展情况 compound annual growth rate of 61% of the domestic market airgel
2014 domestic airgel production is around 8,500 cubic meters, about 1500 cubic meters of imported products, the market scale of 1.82 billion; 2015 is a mutation in the domestic airgel scale, with production capacity of 16,000 to 20,000 cubic meters, the actual output of 19,600 cubic meters, about 1000 cubic meters of imported products, the market size of about 330 million yuan. As the aerogels process cost reduction and scale of the industry continues to expand, some new applications constantly developed, the domestic market will become more sophisticated airgel, 2020 the domestic market will reach 3.7 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate 61%.
气凝胶新材料的原理应用和行业发展情况 airgel application of new materials accounted for
above are merely illustrative of the airgel market future is very bright, specific application areas construction, petrochemical, transportation, electricity, metallurgy and so on. If you really interested in this, we can understand the energy conservation requirements of these industries. And find relevant documents in-depth study.

Aerogels domestic enterprises

airgel domestic development of the industry very quickly, the company is the head enterprise. If you are interested, you can pay more attention to their dynamic. Note that this is only for the introduction of young people in need and does not constitute investment advice. If interested in this, you can choose one according to their interests and place of employment. My own experience is that big companies will provide a good platform, it is recommended to select a feel after promising big companies can investigate. If you\’re interested in and have confidence in yourself is not enough, you can first join.


1, airgel industry is a sunrise industry, market potential is great! Currently focused on the application of insulation materials, thermal insulation materials market potential. In addition, airgel market potential for other applications is also great! 2, China\’s advanced airgel technology, and the United States in direct competition in the world, learn English to become international talents. After China airgel is the trend to go out, it is recommended to learn English, prepare for internationalization. 3, choose a large enterprise, the platform is good, to learn more. I hope this article especially students inorganic non-metallic materials helpful in employment and the professional careers of the material.