Are airgel composite airgel with a difference?

airgel composite and airgel Is there a difference?

1. Airgel collagen solution becomes straightforward terms by airgel processes. 2. The airgel composite is straightforward solution + collagen composite structure becomes airgel composite through the process. 3. The former highest performance, poor structure, ease of use, and therefore developed the advantages of the latter, overall performance and structure, making it easier to use. So why not do the airgel plates, mainly because of the high price of airgel, more expensive than polyurethane board a few times.

Although not as airgel airgel composite price, but there are still a lot of their own advantages, the following terms under its advantages

There are many advantages of airgel composites:

1, the longest service life, more than 20 years without replacement. 2, the lowest thermal conductivity 3, 4 thin and clear, waterproof, easy storage and 5, the highest fire performance, security level is A1 grade 6, compression and strong enough to withstand rough construction 7, environmental protection, non-toxic and non-corrosive 8, rock Extension airgel composite technology to the depth of research and development to develop whether you want to buy airgel or airgel composites, you can find us – rock extension technology, airgel is more than technical experts co-founded the plenum gel and composite applications development, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises, with a number of patents