Are airgel price for the same products have value

HVIP Aerogels The vacuum insulation panel 75% of the energy to meet the standards only 1.5-2 cm, satisfy the fire safety requirements and the history of the system to meet the 75% energy saving insulation thinnest standard. Prices in the market belong to more expensive products, but its quality performance in the industry is worth recognition. Here to talk about the quality of his performance of the absolute value of the price. 1, the improved thermal insulation properties superior to fumed silica as a core material of vacuum insulation panel HVIP, thermal conductivity 0.006w / m? K, can meet the 75% energy efficiency standards. 2, safer fire performance by the National Fire Protection Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, fire performance class A1, can effectively prevent fire hazards in the building construction and use of the process. 3, better system performance and stability of the inorganic belonging HVIP insulating material , high product stability, no strain occurs due to the external environment, conventional organic insulation materials cracking does not exist, shedding, seepage phenomenon. 4, the total thickness of the ultra-thin insulation system system HVIP conventional insulation material 1 / 4,10mm can replace the EPS 70mm, insulation performance is 4 to 10 times its traditional insulation materials, light weight HVIP basis, direct pasted way, no anchoring, you can shorten the construction period and save cost. 5, to improve the room rate only a thin insulation system Heyan thickness, not only to reduce the wall load, and a room rate increase 1.5%, equivalent to 1.5 volume ratio increases in a city ,, high cost of land, the outer wall insulation using HVIP will increase by more than 3% of real estate sales revenue, however HVIP price and EPS 70mm quite, good things are not expensive. 6, long life and good weather resistance, can be done with the building with life. 7, excellent energy saving advantage of the entire production line only a small amount of electricity consumed, the product manufacturing process zero pollution, zero emissions, no hazard to the environment during use, can be recycled to achieve, not only the product insulation, and heat insulation, noise performance is also superior to keep indoor thermostat