Armacell and the company Jos airgel airgel blanket production joint venture

Armacell and Jose Aerogels Company (JIOS) established a joint venture company called airgel Ah Lok Si Qiaosi company (AJA), for the development and manufacture of silica aerogels the blanket. The new company is located in Hong Kong and South Korea by Armacell currently located in Seoul, South Korea Cheonan was responsible for the operation of the manufacturing facility. Jos airgel company provides technology, proprietary production technology know-how and intellectual property. Armacell company will invest a sum of money not disclose the specific number of production equipment for airgel blanket, accelerating its industrialization and certification process and provides its global distribution network to promote new technologies. Ah Lok Si Qiaosi airgel company will focus on solutions airgel blanket for oil and gas, marine, general industrial fields, especially in the field of high and low temperature applications. \”Jose airgel joint venture with the company (JIOS) provides a way for us to enter a new generation of airgel technology, allows us to offer a complete range of thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for the oil and gas industry.\” Armacell International the company\’s CEO and president Patrick Mathieu said.