As a method of one kind of slag admixture airgel composite plate sawdust

Application Publication No.: CN106380150A Application Publication date: 2017.02.08 Application Number: 2016107675079 filing date: 2016.08.30 Applicant: Zhuoda New Material Technology Group Co., Ltd. Weihai Inventors: Yang Zhuo Shu; Lei; car Junchao Abstract: The present invention discloses a method of slag admixtures prepared as airgel sawdust composite plate, and the method provides the obtained airgel composite sawdust plate, the method of the present invention, said each component by weight after extraction, sawdust treated by, to prepare a slurry, prepared sawdust plate, curing the release, the processing steps to prepare the surface airgel composite plate sawdust. Sawdust gel composite panel incorporating the present invention in the preparation of the slag, to improve the overall performance of the slurry and the workability of stoneware, sawdust resulting gel compound having a fireproof panel insulating material Performance , heat insulation products can replace part of, in use, to reduce the thickness of the insulation housing, improve the actual area of ​​housing.