Based on fully flexible magnetic vibration film magnetic sensor origami

Vibration is one of nature\’s most common phenomenon, the vibration signal contains a wealth of information that can be used to characterize sound, motion, human physiological information and machine operating status. Magnetic vibration detecting sensor is one of the most commonly used method of vibration, such sensors can be compatible with a wide range of humidity and temperature, it has a long life and excellent durability characteristics higher. Miniaturization and flexibility are important direction magnetic vibration sensor development, however, the flexible pole permanent magnet having a particular sequence to achieve full flexibility limits the magnetic sensor. In view of this, a flexible electronic Biomedical Laboratory of Tianjin University Professor Wong group and the flexible reinforcing the permanent magnetic poles programmable sequences substantially achieved by origami film, bonding a flexible electronics the first time a fully flexible magnetic vibration sensor. In this study, a team of magnon flexible multilayer structure disposed flexible coil, and an elastic annular flexible magnetic thin film consisting of (Figure 1a). Wherein the annular magnetic film is achieved by a folding process, the preparation of multilayer flexible coil made from a flexible electronic process (FIG. 1b). The sensor can be mounted on the flexible skin and the surface of the machine, to achieve motion detection, voice recognition, and a physiological signal monitoring machine condition assessments and other sensing functions (FIG. 1c). Because of the fully flexible microelectromechanical sensor (MEMS) and able to withstand repeated bending deformation, and therefore more suitable for curved surface and a deformable body (FIG. 1d).

FIG. 1 fully flexible magnetic vibration sensor conceptual diagram

team field device characteristics are simulated and measured (FIG. 2a-d), experimental results show that, origami annular introduction of the magnetic film not only adjust the overall distribution of the magnetic field, the magnetic field to cover the entire area where the coil, the magnetic field strength and the entire device is increased by more than 291%. In addition, the team constructed a vibration model of the device, the theoretical analysis of the effectiveness of the device structure (Fig. 2e).

2 in Full flexible magnetic vibration sensor of FIG.

in a team showing operation of the device detection, speech recognition (FIGS. 3a-d), the physiological signal of the sensor (FIG. applications in a variety of scenarios 3e-f), agricultural and environmental monitoring machine condition evaluation demonstrate the versatility of the device. Also showIt illustrates a flexible electronic technology and artificial intelligence technology, the possibility of speech recognition and machine state. Fully flexible MEMS sensor application scenario

3 fully flexible magnetic vibration sensor of FIG.

In this paper, the acquisition means provided more existing multimodal mechanical sensor and energy many choices, more research biosensors, physical sensing and energy harvesting devices may be instructive. Article link: Yicong Zhao, Shenghan Gao, Xin Zhang, Wenxing Huo, Hang Xu, Cheng Chen, Jiao Li, Kexin Xu, Xian Huang Fully Flexible Electromagnetic Vibration Sensors with Annular Field Confinement Origami Magnetic Membranes Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 2001553… . ( Task Force link: http: //