BASF and Aspen Airgel company to expand strategic partnership

April 3, 2019 – BASF SE (BASF) and Aspen Aerogels Company (Aspen) today signed an exclusive supply supplemental agreement, announced an expansion of the strategic partnership between the two sides. Supplementary agreement covers the production and supply of new high-performance fire-retardant insulation products. As a complement to SLENTEX® of new products and major customers in early tests performed well. SLENTEX available now, with its unique combination of industry-leading thermal conductivity and fire-retardant insulation levels, represent the most advanced fire-retardant insulation technology. SLENTEX and unique applications for the construction and building materials in the field of development, including exterior wall systems, thermal bridges and the transition region. And this new insulation products are used in the field will also be wider than the field of building materials. As part of the provisions of the supplementary agreement, Aspen BASF has received the second advance payment, to support product optimization and new technology development. BASF has exclusive marketing rights to develop new products. Aspen President and CEO Don Young said: \”When we and BASF announced a joint development agreement in 2016, we have a common vision, that is, to create superior, innovative products our partnership with BASF exceeded expectations. supplementary agreement recognize our commitment to cooperative development, and additional advances also strengthens our financial position, \”president of BASF\’s Performance materials business unit Rui said:.\” successful product development will help us to better serve the rapidly growing high-performance insulation materials market. this innovative product will expand our product portfolio of high-performance insulation materials market, in cooperation with the SLENTEX will make our products more competitive. supplementary agreement will accelerate new fire and ultra-efficient [ 123] aerogels insulation technology on the market and use on a global scale. \”