BASF first new SlentitePU airgel sample in Germany

BASF is the first German production of new SlentitePU Aerogels sample. The new high-performance airgel insulation material in a polyurethane-based material, made of sheet metal will be the first large-scale performance testing, subsequently provided to selected partners. Slentite both new construction and refurbishment projects in all major prospective performance insulation materials required. Architects, designers and owners are constantly looking for both high efficiency thermal insulation, but also provide a lot of flexibility in designing new materials. The BASF launched a new high-performance insulation materials, compared with the future of the construction industry insulation technology offers new possibilities. Large plate 20 made of polyurethane aerogels while providing efficient insulation, but also save space. Slentite thermal conductivity up to 17mW / m • K, to achieve optimum mechanical strength of the thermal insulation sheet. This high-performance product is particularly suitable for interior design applications, provided sufficient design freedom for architects. At the same time, it needs very little space, and have excellent ability to regulate humidity, creating a comfortable indoor temperature. The plate may be dust-free handling, processing methods and the same traditional building products. As the person in charge of the construction manager and Slentite market to market, KnutHoffmann of Slentite achievements summarized: \”Thanks to its overall performance, Slentite help regulate the indoor climate to meet the challenges of the future opens up new opportunities for the construction sector pilot plant. the launch is an important milestone, laid the foundation for the next few years to market the product \”Slentite MarcFricke project manager, said:.\” with the pilot plant put into operation, we have achieved an important goal, you can immediately begin to selected partners provide samples. we are currently developing mass production technology. \”