Beijing Construction Engineering launched the thinnest airgel insulation insulation board

Beijing Construction Engineering New Building Materials Co., Ltd. recently launched the country\’s thinnest building insulation board – Aerogels insulation insulation board. Such airgel insulation material is an airgel insulation board body. Airgel was first used in aerospace and military industry, is currently being quietly into the civilian market, it has been gradually used in construction, industrial insulation, cold storage, ships and so on. Airgel insulation insulation board is very thin, solid clay brick wall to the requirements of 75% of 240 mm EEB standards, for example, using the general insulating material is a 90 mm thick, airgel insulation insulation board using only 15 mm thick, 80% thinner than the original. It is estimated that if the wall of the house labeled \”space qualified,\” adiabatic insulation board, under the same conditions building area, because light will save space about 5% increase in the room rates. According to reports, the biggest feature of this material is excellent in insulation properties, because of its low thermal conductivity can be 0.006W / m • k. In the cold northern winter, if an ordinary house insulation materials closed heating equipment, residents need to rely on heavy blankets to keep warm. The house \”through\” this layer of airgel production of \”thermal suit\” on, even if there is no heating facilities, people can still live comfortably. In other words, this layer 15 mm thick aerospace materials generated insulation effect is approximately equal to a weight of 10 pounds of cotton quilt. According to projections, if such material is used in a 200-liter refrigerator for home use, not only an increase of about 4 to 6 liters of food storage volume, but also because of its good insulation properties and can be saving about 1/3. In addition, this material also has characteristics of fire, water, noise, seismic, etc., in the production process for sheet metal without harmful gas emissions, no solid waste, no dust, no noise, no sewage five \”zero\” emissions, not on the environment pollution. 北京建工推出国内最薄气凝胶绝热保温板 Beijing Construction Engineering launched the thinnest airgel insulation insulation board