Beijing Construction Engineering new materials company, Rakhine company\’s first pilot production of airgel mats official line of products

\”One entire roll of 42 square meters!\” \”Shake mass loss rate standards!\” \”Thermal conductivity standards!\” With a great voice quality inspector, May 9 morning, the Beijing Construction Engineering Company airgel new material company Rakhine State the first pre-production workshop production of airgel mats official line of products. Standing high quality new starting point to explore the road of technological innovation breakthrough, Rakhine focused company, \”high-tech special\”, accelerate forward on the path towards innovation and development. High: standing on a high starting point, to tackle tough outcome airgel, is one of the best insulation properties of solid materials in the world at present, widely used in aerospace, oil, petrochemical, urban heat pipe network , environmental restoration, metallurgy, bio-medical, ultra-low energy buildings, new energy vehicles and other insulation. Domestic aerospace industry areas rely mainly on imports, domestic independent production of major products used in industry, production capacity is limited, can not meet the domestic needs of large-scale projects. 北京建工新材公司、建邦公司首批试生产的气凝胶毡产品正式下线 October 2018, the new company airgel material produced by the project was basically completed the main plant, and started airgel pilot line equipment installation. Because it is the company\’s first self-designed and developed production line, and managers and operators have no relevant experience in production, this translates into the whole process of the workshop production caused by unforeseen difficulties and challenges of the laboratory results. First, the completion of the production line within the deadline (4 months) debugging process, it is understood, complete debugging process more than six months in the industry. Second, production workshop and outside the civil construction work has not been fully completed, there are many cross-operation of production equipment debugging and civil construction, causing mutual interference and influence. Third, equipment commissioning process needs to continue to leak filled, timely optimize the sound, resulting in welding repairs can not be easily debugged using raw materials, formulations and lab technicians in the production line magnification, there is a great many variables and factors, one by one correction needed . Fourth, the policy of territorial frequent downtime and inspection, the actual work time is only about 20 days later years, restricted the progress of civil construction and commissioning of the equipment. 2019, for the realization of airgel products off the assembly line, the company Rakhine inverted and compressed schedule, to develop special measures to promote coordinated civil construction, commissioning, start up, \”sounded the bugle call, battle sixty-one ago, a big 30 day, security guarantee production \”special labor competition. Period, the company held several technical seminars and coordination meetings, brainstorming, a phased program debugging, debugging priority supercritical drying process, water and raw materialFull debugging and simulation test, optimize molding process and equipment, organize the preparation of emergency management plans and peer exchange of visits and optimize the management of production safety Take Measures. March 2019 the company completed a supercritical drying process debugging, April completed the water test and training workers to operate. All broken up by each phase of the task, Rakhine State has finally ushered in the first self-developed products airgel felt success off the assembly line. New: implement new technology, R & D measurement deviation dare bite the \”Hard\” 1 mg, reaction time will be able to offset the number of 10 hours, which means all over again …… this airgel test, in the small university laboratory experiments okay, but amplification experiment is very low success rate. After three years, the new material airgel technology company after thousands of tests, and finally succeeded airgel material extracted from cheap raw materials. 北京建工新材公司、建邦公司首批试生产的气凝胶毡产品正式下线 Aerogels are one of the world\’s lightest solid known currently, a porosity of 99.8% has been disclosed in Patent airgel, airgel is corrosive, high cost, process complexity , easily broken and other shortcomings, which greatly limits the application of airgel. For this purpose, research and development team airgel independent company developed a non-corrosive transparent silica aerogels and an elastic silica airgel. No corrosion silica airgel products of high quality, environmentally friendly process, safe, not only non-corrosive to metal, also has anti-corrosion; elastic transparent silica aerogels particle pore size in the nanometer level is adjustable, within a certain range of light transmittance of 95% or more, it can be used in the new building envelope insulation system, and promote innovative applications of aerogels in the field of building insulation and broad prospects. This two national invention patents authorized not only for the new material the company achieved a good basis \”research – sell – class\” integrated business model, the company promoting the airgel is more innovative applications developed to provide technical support. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen Jianbang technology research and development, Tamp the Foundation, we are committed to creating technical barriers to trade, the right to speak airgel industry, scientific and technological strength to contribute new material company restructuring and upgrading. Special: show the characteristics of technology, the company\’s brand under the hold high the banner of change, the only innovators into. By 2017, new material airgel products company was named the Zhongguancun high-tech products, in 2018, the new material company airgel products into the sixth installment of passive product promotion catalog. New materials company airgel mat technology has also been recognized by society. Recently, the company Jianbang felt airgel technology successfully applied Hebei Huamao Green Technology Co., Ltd. biomedical chemical engineering. 北京建工新材公司、建邦公司首批试生产的气凝胶毡产品正式下线 Rakhine company with airgel technology to Hebei Huamao green carpet Technology Co., promotion and application of relevant personnel on-site guidance and successfully complete the installation. This marks the company Jianbang airgel felt technology was first successfully enter the field of bio-pharmaceutical industry, for the latter felt airgel product application and implementation in the field of biological medicine and chemical industry has accumulated valuable experience. New material company airgel mat technology has been the company\’s praise, full of brand new material, to lay a solid foundation for the company\’s second phase of construction sales airgel mat products. Jianbang company on the road to achieve scientific and technological innovation and development of high-quality, mid-stream splashing into the water, if the shoe danger razed, has written a lively practice scientific and technological innovation core capabilities boost business restructuring and development. The first success of Airgel mat products market, marking the company\’s Rakhine State airgel pilot line construction and pre-production stage achieved initial success, make adequate preparations for mass production, but also to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of new materials company It has taken a key step. Next, Rakhine company will continue to produce airgel product development as the new materials sector market development, relying on technology to lead the important, diversify enhance core competitiveness, explore various forms of business cooperation model to improve the new material in the gas company field gel brand influence, contribute to the new timber company to build industry-leading new energy-saving green building materials supplier.