Bionic strain hardening self-assembled hydrogels

Recently, East China University of Technology School of Chemical Engineering Distinguished Research Fellow Wang Yiming and Professor Guo Xuhong team achieved in the field of biomimetic self-assembling hydrogel research work in the new progress , the research results to \”biomimetic strain-stiffening self-assembled hydrogels\” was published in \”applied Chemistry in Germany\”, and selected seal for the end of the current period. 仿生应变硬化自组装水凝胶 Biological tissue is a three-dimensional network structure of semi-flexible (Semiflexible) Biological interwoven fibrils obtained by assembling blocks of proteins, in responding to external stimuli mechanical forces, will exhibit unique enhancements strain (Strain-stiffening ) to protect the body from harm outside pressure. It has long been the use of small molecule blocks, supramolecular assemblies by way a series of prepared supramolecular hydrogel material similar to the biological tissue, and exhibit potential application in the biomedical, biomimetic, photovoltaic, and other fields. However, biological tissue strain exhibited enhancements in extremely rare type synthetic supramolecular hydrogel material. 仿生应变硬化自组装水凝胶 The team established in the previous work of a multicomponent supramolecular hydrogel system ( J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019,141, 2847), and developed using a nucleating interference means for controlling the respective constituents supramolecular fiber regulation method ( Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019,58, 3800). Accordingly, by means of a similar group of control means, by controlling the molecular composition of supramolecular fibers, assembled to give a semi-flexible gel fibers, such supramolecular hydrogel material prepared exhibited similar enhancements strain of the biological tissue. Further, the work assembly by orthogonal gelator and the phospholipid molecules, a liposome constructs strain having enhanced properties supramolecular hydrogel composite materials, the structure and function of the depth of simulated biological tissue. Liposome complex supramolecular hydrogel having strain enhanced features of biomimetic soft matter materials that work with mechanical responsiveness to promote the development and application of great significance, being constructedAs artificial tissue glue ideal model for studying the biological tissue under external stress stimulation, cell structural protein and microfilament network response mechanism. The first author of the paper for the Institute of Chemical Technology distinguished research fellow Wang Yiming , corresponding author for partners Delft University of Technology Professor Jan H. van Esch , Professor Xu Zhi and Professor Guo Xuhong provides help and support in the material characterization and data analysis. The project is supported by the National Natural Science Fund, a special fund to support the project of East China University of creative talents. Papers link: https: //