Cellular tube wet ESP

Currently, the increasingly stringent environmental emission promoting the development of flue gas purification technology. Dentritated, dust, the flue gas desulfurization residue and the escaping droplets carried in the fine particles have been attracted widespread attention. Cellular tube wet electrostatic precipitator can effectively collect fine dust and aerosols such, the particulate matter emission concentration ≤5mg / Nm3, to achieve ultra-low emission requirements. By introducing the cellular properties of the main material tube wet electrostatic precipitator of various, selected to provide the users. ​蜂窝管湿式电除尘器 works is a wet electrostatic precipitator cathode lines and anode tube (precipitation electrode) composed of flue gas which works by high voltage electric field, high voltage electric field in the flue gas dust and mist charged droplets, charged ions are formed, the movement of charged ions to the electrode of opposite charge, charged ions after reaching the discharge electrode, to form a neutral dust, mist particles, deposited on the electrode agglutination landing is removed. Technical features cellular WESP small volume, low investment, easy layout, low resistance, low energy consumption; trapping efficiency PM2.5, mercury and various pollutants, suspended particles and the gas mist diameter of 0.01 100um can be removed, extensive soot smoke scope; effective removal of flue gas desulfurization net of SO3 and water mist, anti-corrosion of wet flue gas chimney. High collection efficiency demisting, typically 95 to 99.5% removal efficiency demisting, up to 99.9%; solution in the wet desulfurization gypsum particles and the catalyst around the chimney, and smoke mist falling turbidity problems; low temperature, moisture saturated gas dust, mist can be effectively treated; SO3 mist removing multiple contaminants airgel fine dust (of PM2.5), mercury removal joint, to adapt to future more stringent emission standards. The anode material tube with a conductive anode material is typically a glass tube and alloy steel. FRP pipe diode compared with a metal electrode, the electrical conductivity somewhat less, the current density, can not be an anti-arc discharge, a high power arc performance requirements; corrosion-resistant alloy due to the inner surface finish, easy to wash, conducting ability, high strength, high temperature, etc., the wet flue gas desulfurization fully meet the requirements of deep purification. But the high cost of steel, steel conductive glass has been widely used. The cathode material selected line The cathode line has a flexible lead-antimony alloys and titanium wire fishbone prick a hard rigid lines. A flexible wire having a lead-antimony alloy fishboneCorrosion, corona onset voltage is low, and high collection efficiency, but lower than the current density than a hard rigid prick titanium alloy wire, the wind speed can not meet the high electric field. Titanium far superior corrosion resistance of stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance. Wet flue gas desulfurization after fully meet the environmental dust, high efficiency, can work to 3m / s wind speed above the electric field. power selecting single-phase constant current power source, a three-phase current source, the constant current source and a high-frequency composite pulse current source. Dust It is the application of more complex high-frequency constant current source and pulsed power. arranged in a position New items may be placed above the desulfurization tower, the desulfurization tower and foundation design together. Reconstruction project according to the scene desulfurization tower, selecting arranged on the top of the net or the flue. When accounting for base and disposed at the top of the absorption column capacity, and based on the necessary reinforcement absorber; when the net is arranged on the flue, the flue gas in general progress under way, to have anti-droplet entrainment means.