Central South University developed a new type of airgel glass formally put into production

Aerogels have very low thermal conductivity, durable, high temperature, explosion and other advantages, is the world\’s lightest solid material. So it has broad application prospects in the fields of aerospace, defense industry, green building, new energy, environmental management, solar thermal utilization. So far, the country has the world\’s high-end transparent airgel core technology of very little, it just used in aerospace, nuclear technology, military and other fields, used in civilian areas of basic yet started. Even at home and abroad has been the industrialization of airgel manufacturers churning out low-end products while proud of airgel, airgel high-end products are currently only the United States, Sweden and a few other countries can produce, and has not been achieved industrialization. In China, Central South University, after 10 years of research, breakthroughs and mastered the high-end transparent airgel technology, developed a \”new transparent airgel materials.\” After two years of scientific and technological achievements in industry incubators, R & D engineering team to solve a lot of problems from the production process to the equipment, production efficiency and yield issues, successfully developed the first generation of energy-saving glass airgel. Currently, this airgel super energy-saving glass production line of high-end large-scale airgel was officially launched, will promote the application of energy-saving green buildings in the civilian field. The technical review by experts identified that the technology \”Habitat leading international level\”, with industrial conditions. Which have independent intellectual property rights of core technologies include: high-end transparent airgel insulation and new materials technology, fast supercritical drying process, large-size transparent airgel complete production process. Completed the development airgel glass production line can produce large-scale high transparency glass and a translucent airgel airgel glass, provided fashion, beauty, energy saving, economical transparent envelope of the building, apply new material, which production line overall in the international advanced level, the gap narrowed even leveled the few China and the United States and several other developed countries in this field.