Ceramic airgel is expected to be used as aerospace insulation materials

Recently, the Harbin Institute of Technology, Lanzhou University, University of California Los Angeles, University of California, Berkeley and other universities together researchers synthesized airgel meter hyperbolic structure of the ceramic layer structure, the material can greatly enhance the traditional ceramic airgel the properties of the material, providing research ideas for solving the problem of brittle ceramic ultra-light structure, and thermal crystallization problems and promote the application of ceramic airgel insulation, catalysis, energy, environmental management, aerospace and other fields. 陶瓷气凝胶有望用作航空航天领域的隔热材料 because of its lightweight ceramic aerogels, refractory, corrosion, temperature and other characteristics, is very suitable for aerospace use as insulating material, but its brittleness, crystallization temperature, thermal shock problems such as collapse seriously restricted the research and application. The research results obtained graphene airgel basic research based on five years, and took two years to complete. According to project leader, Associate Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology Xu Xiang introduction, basic research projects completed early super-elastic graphene airgel, a negative Poisson\’s ratio, ultra-light, conductive, fluid behavior, energy consumption and behavior research. On this basis, the use of CVD technology team graphene airgel template situ deposition of the ceramic, and by the method of heating the etching template, not only the ceramic airgel having a negative Poisson\’s ratio characteristics, and through the aperture wall \”double-walled\” sub-structure, while achieving a negative thermal expansion properties of the ceramic aerogels, thereby enhancing the mechanical properties of ceramic airgel thermal and the like. Xu Xiang said that the preparation of ceramic airgel CVD is the key to the study. To give ceramic airgel flexibility, control the wall thickness of the wall of the hole, to improve the crystallinity of the ceramic aerogels, and to achieve the structural design, the researchers repeated the experiment after nearly a thousand times. The ceramic aerogels having ultra-light measurement system characteristics such commercial test its thermal conductivity can not, therefore, build a team of specialized measurement equipment, and the reliability of the feasibility studies. The researchers said the study is only the beginning, the research team will continue to develop more flexible, able to adapt to higher operating temperatures, has a lower thermal conductivity of the ceramic ultra-light airgel structure, to further promote multi-ceramic airgel a wide range of applications. Ceramic Information Description: fusion of innovation is a city in Jiangxi Jingdezhen porcelain and because the name for the porcelain industry into innovative gene become the power source of the city\’s sustainable development. 陶瓷气凝胶有望用作航空航天领域的隔热材料 continue to strengthen basic researchStudy, improve the public service platform, optimizing creativity and innovation environment for Jingdezhen ceramics become DreamWorks made, daily, art, creativity, construction ceramics, wide range, abundant technology, build \”big ceramic\” development pattern. Reform and opening up 40 years ago, especially since the party\’s eighteen, Jingdezhen ceramics in promoting the creation of national cultural heritage innovation pilot area, the establishment of a \”revival of the Millennium town, reshaping the world of porcelain, protecting the homeland, the construction of tourist destinations, to create a dialogue with the World city \”development orientation, adhere to the science and art, cultural and economic integration, tradition and innovation combine, nation and the world combined efforts to speak well to ceramic culture featuring Chinese story, strengthen dialogue with the world, traditional ceramic culture full of new vitality to become the world leader in ceramic culture of excellence and the success of China\’s reform and opening practitioner. continuation of the Millennium ceramic context As the world\’s Jingdezhen porcelain, heavy historical heritage and profound ceramic culture, world culture have a broad and profound impact. \”Protect the good tradition to carry forward the good Jingdezhen ceramics culture, is an important manifestation of strong cultural self-confidence, but also Jingdezhen great mission.\” Jingdezhen Party Secretary Zhong Zhisheng said. The \”imperial kiln factory\” as the core open site protection work, the continuation of the millennium context, Jingdezhen City, is the first step towards adhere to cultural self-confidence. Since 2002, the imperial kiln plant site protection work began. More than 10 years to complete a number of construction projects and the protection of archaeological discoveries, selected national key large sites, and built kiln factory National Archaeological Park. Beginning in 2015, to Jingdezhen declared World Heritage as a starting point, the introduction of \”Jingdezhen kiln factory ruins protection regulations,\” many of the 150 old kiln sites across the city, 108 Old Street area, \”Ten porcelain\” ceramic model of cultural heritage and cultural relics such as old factory district systematic Preservation and restoration, has a \”World style, town charm, spirit of the times\” is accelerating the formation. Jingdezhen ceramics not only has a wealth of material remains, also has a large number of handmade porcelain traditional skills such as intangible cultural heritage, both away with Hu should, complementary to each other, become this cultural city special and valuable asset. Today, Jingdezhen has a national, provincial Cultural Industry Model Base 16, the production of non-material cultural heritage protection base 8, intangible cultural heritage protection list 26, intangible cultural heritage inheritors representative of 68 people, out of a excellentShow ceramic history and cultural resources \”Living\” road heritage protection. to create mash-format Since the reform and opening up, the development of information technology, new materials, new technology breakthroughs, creativity and innovation to the ceramic provides unlimited space and stage. Jingdezhen continue to strengthen basic research, improve the public service platform, optimizing creativity and innovation environment, and actively promote the integration of innovative ceramic art, forming a mash-format ceramic as the core. Tall chimneys, red brick walls, great\’s sense of factories, art galleries, museums …… into the Tao River Creek Creative Park, like being in a time tunnel ceramic culture, tradition and modern stark contrast in light and shadow. The old state-owned porcelain factory became a fashion \”international norm\” Dream of space, currently Chuan Tao Creek introduction of 173 brands, covering cultural exchanges, education and training, art, entertainment, brand experience and so on. The newly built Jingdezhen Ceramic Workshop wisdom made using Ceramic Industrial Park and advantages of industrial clusters \”nanny\” conditions of service, which consists of ceramic raw materials distribution area, firing gathering area, traditional art ceramics Innovation Zone, ceramics business incubation growing area, the finished product 9 major functional areas of logistics centers, and Jingdong, lions and other capital to create a joint internet electric business and financial platform, medium and small enterprises cluster integration and development. Today, Jingdezhen build a \”big ceramic\” development pattern, whether it is daily, art, creativity, construction and other ceramics, or high-tech ceramics, wide range, rich technology, have occupied the commanding heights of the country, the development of high-tech ceramics Xun Meng, from the reform and opening up almost empty early to the current scale of 6.09 billion yuan, all types of ceramic products is the fastest growing. The same rapid development, as well as creative ceramics, porcelain art furnishings Jingdezhen in 2017 the output value reached 12.62 billion yuan. During the highlight the ethnic and cultural self-confidence In May last year, \”all the way along the\” International Cooperation Forum held in Beijing, hundreds from \”all the way along the\” countries concerned (set) Jingdezhen porcelain production and export of foreign visitors to meet , describing the splendor and charm of ceramic art. In July this year, China Ceramic Culture Exhibition Johannesburg, South Africa went into the museum, 160 (set) Jingdezhen Ceramic works and beautiful melodious melody porcelain bowl, porcelain bells, porcelain flute, ceramic flute, erhu and other porcelain porcelain musical instruments played, so the scene television audiences. Jingdezhen Ceramic become China to the world, the world recognize China\’s important cultural symbols, become the spirit of carrying forward the Silk RoadAn important carrier. In recent years, Jingdezhen ceramics culture continue to build foreign exchange and display platform, expand its international influence by the success of the International Ceramics Fair, an alliance of many international sister city to carry out international exchanges and cooperation; to join the global network of creative cities, establish extensive contacts with 69 foreign cities; active integration \”along the way\” building, became a founding member of the United Nations urban League first land and sea Silk Road. Jingdezhen ceramics the rich resources gradually transformed into a competitive advantage and cultural advantages, as a good \”along the way\” cultural ambassador. Jingdezhen open and inclusive, also attracted a ceramic lovers from home and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 30,000 artists from home and abroad and ceramic enthusiasts, creative innovation and entrepreneurship in Jingdezhen, the equivalent of 5% of the resident population of the main city of Jingdezhen, they take root in Jingdezhen, China\’s ceramic culture dream. Sambo International Pottery Village \”deputy mayor\” Li Wenying said with emotion, look at the country and the world, few such as Jingdezhen city there are so many people around the world come together to join the ceramic industry. It also reflects the strong attraction of Chinese ceramics culture, so Jingdezhen porcelain once again become the carrier of multi-cultural blend. \”Cultural self-confidence not only to promote the Chinese culture card to the world stage, but also to attract good talent brought together the world through Chinese charm of Chinese culture.\” Zhong Zhisheng said. Ceramics Information: 陶瓷气凝胶有望用作航空航天领域的隔热材料 is a natural clay ceramic and various natural minerals as main raw material after pulverization kneading, molding and calcining the resulting material, various articles. With the clay before it is made into a high temperature in a special kiln fired ceramic article referred to, pottery and porcelain ceramics in general. It refers to the traditional concept of all ceramic clay as a raw material and other inorganic non-metallic mineral artificial industrial products. It comprises a mixture containing clay or clay by kneading, molding, firing various articles made. From the coarsest to the finest soil is fine pottery and porcelain are all its scope. For its main raw material is taken from the natural silicate minerals (e.g., clays, quartz, etc.), and thus the glass, cement, ceramics, refractories and other industrial, belong to the category \”silicate industry\”. The main producing areas of ceramics Peng town, Jingdezhen, Liling, high security, Harvest, Pingxiang, Lichuan, Foshan, Chaozhou, Dehua, Zibo, Tangshan, north, and other places. In addition Jingdezhen is one of the \”porcelain capital\” in China. the history of TaoHistory of porcelain is an important part of the history of Chinese civilization, China, as one of the four ancient civilizations for the progress and development of human society has made outstanding contributions to the invention and development of ceramic which has a more unique meaning, Chinese history, each has a different artistic styles and different technical characteristics towards generations. English in \”china\” both the Chinese meaning, but also ceramics mean, clearly it demonstrates China is \”the hometown of ceramics.\” In early European porcelain manufacturing technology to master a thousand years ago, Han had produced a very fine ceramics. China is one of the first countries in the world use pottery, porcelain and China because of its high practical and artistic and highly respected world. With the development of modern science and technology over the past century and the emergence of many new varieties of ceramics. They are no longer used or rarely used clay, feldspar, quartz and other traditional ceramic materials, but the use of other special materials, and even extended to non-silicate, non-oxide range, and a lot of new technology. The word literature has been the United States and some European countries \”Ceramic\” understood as a generic term for a variety of non-metallic inorganic solid materials. So in fact the ceramic meaning far beyond the narrow traditional concept of the past. In China, produced pottery art can be traced back 4,500 years to 2,500 years ago in the era before the era can be said that an important part of the history of the development of the Han is the history of the development of ceramics, Han working people\’s achievements in science and technology as well as the pursuit of beauty and shape, in many ways through the ceramic production to reflect and form very typical of each era of technology and art features. Long before European porcelain technology to master a thousand years, China has been able to produce very fine porcelain. From the history of the development of China\’s ceramics, the general is to \”ceramic\” the term into two, to pottery and porcelain two categories. Chinese traditional ceramic development, experienced a fairly long historical period, type of complex, special process, so that the classification of Chinese traditional ceramic technology in addition to considering mandatory targets, but also needs to consider the classification method has always been the traditional habits, combined changes in the ancient and modern scientific and technological knowledge, in order to more effectively categorize draw conclusions.