Ceramic fiber insulation principle composite insulating mat Detailed

Composite wherein ceramic fiber insulating mat member added nanopore Aerogels and other functional materials, the formation of ideal nanopore structure can prevent good heat conduction three outwardly heat dissipation. Specific mechanisms can be interpreted as follows: 1, a zero convection effect. At high temperature, increased molecular motion of the air hole although not as intense thermal radiation, but also can not be ignored. If the pore size of less than 50 nm, the molecular gas is stopped moving, because the size of the pores has an average molecular of less than \”free path\”, because the mean free path of gas molecules 70nm. 2, an infinite number of heat shield effect. The greatest feature of the heat insulating material is to be accounted for most of the void volume, the smaller the gap, the specific surface area of ​​pore wall becomes. Internal void size of the ceramic fiber composite insulations can reach 50nm nanoscale, have infinite surface area, the heat radiation of the reflected ray passes through each interface is going to happen, and then refracted radiation, corresponding to the heat radiation propagation in numerous shields disposed on the path, ultimately blocking the heat radiation. 3, long road effect. This is the extended solid thermal conduction path. Ceramic fiber composite mat comprising heat insulating thin and long fiber material can increase road effects, achieve insulation effect.