Changzhou High-tech Zone signed the introduction of large-scale projects airgel

Changzhou Riverside Aerogels base project in early July signed Floor CND. The base plans to introduce 10 more airgel industrial projects within 5 years, of which three to five projects securitized through direct or indirect way, is expected to achieve annual output value of 10 billion yuan. Aerogels are widely used in aerospace, medicine, construction and other new material. Under the agreement, high-tech enterprises Hongdae Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will cooperate in the construction of high-tech zone in Changzhou, China\’s largest production base of raw materials, airgel, incubators, training and the introduction of new materials airgel applications in industrial production, and ultimately 30,000 cubic meters meters of annual production scale. The first industrial project by Jiangsu Hongda Technology Reilly motor and household appliances airgel insulation board joint investment projects, testing products have been developed. Changzhou Hi-tech Zone and the Shenzhen Wo & P Capital jointly set up a new airgel materials industry development fund, fund size of two billion yuan, the first phase of 500 million yuan, through government and social capital, leading and driving the entire industry airgel development of.