Chemotherapy to get rid of the pain! Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a therapeutic cancer vaccine: simple and effective

Security has approved the use of simple good material, through clever design to make it work better performance, is an important strategy forms the basis of research transformed quickly into clinical application. Recently, a simple material polylactic acid-based Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process engineering development of new cancer vaccine made important progress in its unique \”after antigen embedding\”, \”diversity Loaded\” and \”immune environment coordinately regulated.\” and other features greatly improve the utilization of the antigen and cellular immune response, significantly inhibited tumor progression. Tumor immunotherapy Science in 2013 was named the top ten scientific breakthroughs. Among the many immune therapy, tumor vaccine can mobilize the body\’s own immune cells to kill the tumor, great potential for clinical application. However, the individual tumor antigens into the in vivo immunogenicity is very weak, difficult to stimulate an effective immune response. For this problem, the State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Biological dosage forms and biological materials researchers and Wei Wei Ma Guanghui team of researchers systematically studied, discovered and created a series of new vaccine delivery formulation, in an animal model has been used successfully prevention and treatment of breast cancer, melanoma, lymphoma and other malignancies, and forms part of the pre-clinical and clinical studies have entered through ethical approval. Related work have been published in Nat Mater 2018, 17, 187, Nat Commun 2017, 8, 14537, Adv Sci 2017, 4, 1700083, ACS Nano 2015, 9, 4925, ACS Cent Sci 2019, 5, 796, Small 2018, 14 on 1704272, Biomaterials 2013, 34, 8291 and other journals.

1. Preparation of FIG novel tumor vaccines and immune mechanisms of the dosage form: based on a unique \”post-embedding\” strategy, the tumor antigen loading efficiency (on); injection site by coordinately regulated immune microenvironment , significantly enhanced immune response to the vaccine (lower)

a method for loading antigen complex and require multiple injections immunization, the effective utilization rate in vivo, the problem of weak cross-presentation, dosage form while ensuring the safety of the vaccine and druggability, the team came up with a new strategy self-healing tumor macroporous microsphere based on polylactic acid (FDA approved material). Using polylactic acidLow glass transition temperature, may be in solution under mild conditions effective antigen encapsulated within spherical macropores, this simple unique \”post-embedding\” method not only protect the biological activity of the antigen, the dosage form and facilitates Hospital site configuration. Meanwhile, proper design of the microsphere size and the degradation rate can be achieved for each antigen-presenting cell recruitment and precise regulation of release of the antigen at the injection site, to maximize the efficiency of the antigen to enhance uptake. Further, the polylactic acid produced by lactic acid molecules may be generated upon degradation in the acidic environment of the injection site, in order to promote secretion of Th1-type cytokines and antigen cross-presentation in a cell, thereby strengthening the subsequent cellular immune response. According to the researchers, macroporous microspheres may be used as a vaccine chassis, adapted to be loaded inside polypeptides, proteins, nucleic acids, and other hydrophilic antigens, the backbone may also simultaneously loaded monophosphoryl lipid A (MPLA), imiquimod Principal hydrophobic adjuvants, to meet the needs of different vaccine formulations. Based on the above advantages, the vaccine formulation to induce tumor after injection in animal models an efficient and long-term single specific immune response in breast cancer, lymphoma, melanoma and other tumor models and protein antigen, polypeptide antigen, new and achieved more effective than the commercial formulation (AS04) of the antigen and demonstrated a very good safety. The dosage form is currently working with hospital clinical ethics apply for new personalized immunotherapy tumor antigens.

Figure 2 from an individual immunotherapy for healing macroporous microspheres new tumor antigens: (A) Construction neonatal antigen vaccines and vaccination strategies; (B) CD8 T cells of spleen pluripotent percentage; CD8 T cells were stained and analyzed subtype (C) intratumoral effector; (D) a T reg cells stained tumor and statistical analysis; (E) curve and the inhibition rate of tumor inhibition

Chinese Academy of Sciences Xiao Bobo disabilities and leaf through doctoral dissertation process engineering for the study co-author, researcher Wei Wei and Ma Guanghui researcher as co-corresponding author. This work was supported by the state\’s key R & D projects, the CAS pilot strategic science and technology projects and the National Natural Science Foundation of community projects.