China airgel industry usher in the \”heroic moment\”

Thickness Aerogels plate, front 1300 ℃ subjected to less than one centimeter flame spray, can still touch the rear surface, with the face to; on its petals, flowers will not overwhelm; James after Sheung Shui, but also like waterproof lotus leaf …… along with China\’s economic transformation and upgrading, energy saving policy continues to vigorously promote the implementation of China for many years and nanomaterials strategy, airgel materials in recent years by the government, academia , the business community and widespread concern in the investment community. Aerogels are one of the products of high-tech and almost simultaneously and has a strong competitive with the world of China is gradually exhibited. In a sense, the development of China airgel industry, will have a growing influence on the development of industry in the world airgel, airgel Chinese industry has also ushered in their own \”heroic moment.\” policy: the heroic power Key words: development of new materials to support large-scale policy is often the driving force of industrial development. With the \”Thirteen Five\” plan to make an overall positioning for the next five-year development direction, the recent new materials industry is also relevant supporting policies introduced intensive. In mid-March 2016, the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the \”Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the innovation and development of new materials industry,\” the end of 2016, the country\’s new materials leading group was formally established. Not only at the national level, within the industry, new materials industry, especially airgel is also extremely concerned about the industry. April 7, sponsored by the China Development Union of green building materials industry, to promote the application of airgel industry development, industrial policy interpretation, panoptic industry, research industry pain points \”2017 National Seminar on innovative applications of airgel material\” Held in Beijing Ministry of Industry and raw materials Division building at the officials said, the current constraints airgel large-scale application of price and production processes, the next step will encourage enterprises to carry out scientific research institutions and representative platform with research and accelerating the airgel Demonstration Project. With the growing attention and advance national policy of industry development context airgel industry has become the focus of attention. Aerogels are by American scientists Kistler (Kistler) invented in 1931. The reason why its inventor named aerogels (replacement air condensateGum), because in the absence of destruction of the solid-state structure, replacing it with air in the liquid component of the colloid. Despite this interesting material has some strange properties, but until 1970, airgel was aroused enough interest. In recent years, journals chemical, microscopic materials, magazines and other mesoscopic physics and chemistry are more willing to accept the study aerogels. High frequency and high frequency reference publication, indicating airgel research has been extensive enough attention. In 1970, development of the airgel after three climax. First appeared in the 1970s to the 1980s. This innovation is profound waterglass / water system thereby rapidly be substituted with an organic airgel precursor and the corresponding organic solvent. The representative period of work Teichner team of TMOS use in 1968, Russo et al. Used and carbon dioxide supercritical drying technology for safer TEOS in 1986. Importantly, the alkoxide hydrolysis and condensation reaction is relatively simple and easy to control, which speeds up the development process of the airgel. The first and second sessions of the airgel international seminar held in 1985 and 1988 respectively. This is the first special meeting with the theme of aerogels, but also greatly promoted the development of airgel field. The second climax in the 1990s. Major events of this period was dried at room temperature modification techniques of organic and carbon aerogels invention birth and the surface. In theory, the research group at the German Fricke professor at the University of Fort Weier Zi as the leading researchers on the physical properties of aerogels power, heat, light, electricity, sound, etc., the law and the control method conducted in-depth research, but also greatly promote the development and application design airgel. Therefore, many applied research and industrialization attempt actively, aerogels become a highly competitive material. In addition, the third to the Sixth International Symposium continue to promote the development of airgel airgel research. Many potential applications are presented in these seminars, and discussions are still under study. The third wave is so far from the beginning of the 21st century, to some extent this is occurring naturally vigorous process, during which also fruitful. Gash studied in a general method for the preparation of various oxides 2001. airgel, this method using an inorganic salt as a precursor, epoxides as condensateRubber accelerators. Brock had changed with the glue components, the sol-gel process and supercritical drying process to obtain a sulfide airgel. In 2006, the gradient density airgel successfully returned to Earth after the comet particles in space and aerospace successful capture of high-speed. Thereafter, a series of new airgel is successfully made, aerogels include carbon nanotubes, graphene airgel, airgel carbide and elemental airgel. In addition, performance, value, commercial value of the airgel in this period has been an unprecedented development, a growing number of scientists, engineers, government officials and the public focus on this, which makes the airgel develop a bright future. At present the main factors constraining growth of airgel market price, the high price prohibitive for many who try. Once the airgel material production costs decreased significantly, the market size will expand dramatically, product sales also expanded rapidly, and a revolutionary alternative to traditional insulation materials. Who is to be the airgel in the field of \”Huawei\”, we\’ll see. Technology: bold confidence Key words: energy-saving research in the field of nano science and technology research and development big leap in technology, invested a lot of R & D for China\’s industrial added airgel heroic emboldened. Insiders told reporters that if siya, this solid airgel can even float in the air; positive subjected to more than 1,000 degrees Celsius flame spraying, can still touch the back. But the difficulty is also how to achieve the ultimate. The formation of airgel, industry experts cited an example: \”tofu are all familiar with the program, we first use of raw materials made of milk, and then become solidified tofu, bean curd inside if the water is squeezed out beans dry, greatly reduced the volume turned into tofu. tofu was prepared in analogy to airgel go out in the water, but they can not reduce the volume, to add gas into it, it is more difficult. \”airgel face preparation aspects of the problem, many domestic and foreign institutions of scientific research field researchers to join them. At present, the international research work on airgel materials are mainly concentrated in the United States California Institute of Technology, University of Wuerzburg, Germany Fort class university research institutions; domestic mainly in Tongji University Boer Solid State Physics Laboratory, National University of Defense Technology, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other famous universities. At present, universities in ChinaThe ability to explore research in the field of aerogels and professional level of Chinese enterprises in low-cost manufacturing airgel technology, are at the forefront of the world. Pohl Institute of Solid State Physics, Tongji University, Germany-funded the establishment of the airgel will be identified as one of the research as early as 1991. Due to the close relationship with Germany, the lab is rapidly gaining airgel technology, making aerogels research aspects of Tongji University in a short time reached the international advanced level. Around the year 2000, due to the high cost and large-scale industrial production is difficult to achieve technological breakthroughs, airgel as an industry has not developed. In recent years, due to the intense demand for energy, global environmental degradation and other reasons, academia and industry began to research airgel industrialization. Allied market research company in June 2014 released the report, the global airgel market value in 2013 of $ 221.8 million, is expected by 2020 to reach $ 1.8966 billion, the annual compound in the forecast period (2014 – 2020) of a growth rate of 36.4%. With the airgel material exploration in new areas of application continuous improvement, the market is expected, over time the market growth momentum will be further enhanced. Another study reported that in 2010, the global thermal insulation materials market estimated size of $ 32.1 billion, 6.3% annual growth rate in the future, to 2019 to reach $ 55.6 billion. Which accounts for about one-third of the total share, accounting for two-thirds share of the construction sector and industrial equipment fields. Airgel material occupies the spire of the whole pyramid model of thermal insulation materials market, the current size of the entire thermal insulation materials market is almost negligible, in this regard that airgel industry is still in its early infancy, but also indicates that its future has a huge space for development. Application: heroic voice Key words: multi-applications magical energy-saving building materials domestic research institutes, meaning companies such pains to study aerogels what? Airgel is called \”change the world of magic material,\” also known as \”the ultimate heat insulation material\”, \”super-sponge\” that can be used to capture space particles, it is because of its many excellent properties, the world\’s major countries They invested heavily in the use of expensive production technology and equipment gasgel. Our country have been included in the national strategic emerging industries. Airgel numerous applications, from aerospace industry on the tall ground gas to energy-saving building materials, from spacesuits to warm winter clothes, in the next five years, energy consumption in industrial buildings should be airgel industry revolution the main battlefield. In the industrial field, electric power storage, petrochemical industry who need heat pipe or a portion of the furnace insulation need to use efficient insulating material , nanoporous airgel composite insulating material is preferred. Applications in the construction sector in building wall insulation, roof insulation floor, and airgel glass on the glass curtain wall. In the field of transportation, the nanoporous airgel composite insulation materials have been used in high-speed rail trains, the C919 aircraft, as well as new energy vehicles, mainly the point of application is thermal insulation means of transport, and the protection of new energy vehicles lithium batteries . Chain logistics and incubated in the home area, nanoporous airgel composite materials to replace the traditional insulation material, as insulation, a substantial increase in insulation effect, increase the internal volume. In functional equipment, the use of airgel thin sandwich made out of airgel jacket and other outdoor products. Domestic market airgel industry started relatively late, pre-main foreign airgel products in the sales, marketing efforts also smaller in recent years, with the gradual increase in domestic airgel enterprises increased their strength, costs continue to decline, continue to scale expand again thanks to the rapid expansion of domestic energy conservation policy implementation and massing of the economy, the rapid development of the airgel industry into the channel. Currently, the depth and breadth of research of Chinese research institutes in the field of aerogels, perseverance Chinese enterprises in low-cost manufacturing airgel technology, are walking in front of the world. Perhaps in the future we will see Huawei has become a business in the field of aerogels, relying on technological innovation and cost-rattling in the world.