China Association of energy-saving materials airgel insulation materials branch preparatory meeting was held in Beijing

中国绝热节能材料协会气凝胶材料分会筹备会议在北京召开 July 25, 2017, China Association of energy-saving insulation material Aerogels Materials Branch preparatory meeting held in Beijing, from industry associations, research institutes, airgel production companies, equipment manufacturers, construction units, quality inspection units on behalf of the enthusiastic participation of preparatory meetings airgel materials branch. In preparation for the meeting, the China Association of energy-saving insulation materials, Executive Vice President and Secretary General ARCHIVES first extended a warm welcome to the delegates to the preparatory meeting. He said: \”airgel in the emerging industry development, in order to promote rapid airgel materials industry, orderly and healthy development of China Association of energy-saving insulation materials commissioned to build the Nanjing University of airgel materials branch.\” Then HAN Ji first Secretary-General read out the letter must Association [2017] No. 12 \”on the commission to build the letter agreed China Association of energy-saving insulation material airgel material branch\”; Nanjing University Professor Shen Xiaodong details the preparations for airgel materials branch ; Nanjing University Professor Cui l, introduced the draft work rules Branch, Branch work plans and tasks; delegates are working on the draft rules airgel materials branch, branch work plans and tasks as well as the convening of the first session of the Governing Council / full Standing Committee cum the inaugural meeting and other matters to discuss, and were introduced in their respective fields airgel development, research and development, application; housing and Urban-Rural development of Science and Technology and industrialization development Center Chief Engineer Qu Wang Lok highlights airgel material building insulation and the application status of application fields need to improve the lifting direction. Participants agreed that the establishment of airgel material development branch is the consensus of the industry, but at this stage the establishment of airgel material branch will promote the industry to a higher level of development, and will stand strong cooperation and support of China Association of energy-saving insulation material gas condensate plastic materials branch of work. It was decided, Professor Shen Xiaodong chaired the preparatory phase of the airgel materials branch, and strive to the end of this year held its inaugural meeting. Finally, HAN Ji first Secretary-General concluding remarks, he stressed the airgel materials industry is developing at a critical node, the establishment of branch airgel material flow, leading the development of the industry, with the simultaneous development of the world\’s advanced level, while paying attention to research and development of industrial equipment, as soon as possible production scale, lower production costs, expand market applications; industry associations to build a platform for our members, our members contribute to the construction of the platform, and make good use of good platform to develop their own business, and develop energy-saving insulation materialsMaterials industry.