China felt airgel market size and demand structure analysis 2017

Aerogels nano-silica airgel mat is a host material, a composite formed by a special process with the pre-oxidized cotton or glass fiber mat a flexible insulation blankets. Is within a temperature range of from about 400 ℃ the lowest thermal conductivity of a solid insulating material (thermal conductivity of 400-1000 ℃ high temperature region is significantly higher than the thermal micro-nano series). Airgel mat having a soft ﹑ cutting ﹑ density Yi, ﹑ overall hydrophobic inorganic fire, environmental protection and other characteristics which can replace glass fiber products, asbestos insulation blankets, silicate fibers is not environmentally friendly products, poor thermal insulation properties of conventional flexible insulating material . Which is characterized by low thermal conductivity, tensile and compressive strength of a certain, easy insulation construction applications, it is a new type of insulation material. Airgel felt domestic market started late, early market is mainly occupied by foreign airgel mat products, the price is more expensive, less marketing efforts. In recent years, with the gradual increase in domestic airgel mat companies, increased their strength, costs have been declining, have been expanding, again thanks to the rapid expansion of energy conservation policy implementation and massing of the domestic economy, the industry entered a rapid airgel mat channel development. Prospective Industry Research Institute published \”China\’s green building industry development model and investment forecast analysis report\” data show that in 2014, China\’s felt airgel market size of about 182 million yuan in 2015, about 330 million yuan, to 2016 605 million yuan, an increase of 83.3%; in 2020 the domestic market will reach 3.62 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 44%. China airgel felt demand structure Airgel felt mainly used in building materials, military, aerospace, industrial pipe ﹑ storage tanks, industrial furnace, power plants, saving space, ship bulkhead, motor car, buried art pipes, injection molding machines, removable insulation jacket, heavy oil recovery temperature steam pipes, transportation, household appliances, steel, nonferrous metals, glass, etc. insulation . Among them, the field of building materials accounting for 41.2%. Exhibit 3: downstream demand structure of China\’s carpet industry airgel market (unit:%) China airgel mat major business enterprises in foreign countries, aerogels and CAOBT ASPEN has reached a certain size, a large number of small companies in the experimental stagesegment. Airgel number of industries and enterprises are about 40 companies in the industry as a whole small scale, most enterprises in the conceptual stage. Low degree of market sectors, has not yet formed a stable competitive landscape. of airgel material key industries are: Nano Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen: the first domestic silica airgel commercial and industrial companies, 2015 sales revenue of 70 million yuan month, exports 10 million yuan, four airgel production lines, capacity 20,000 m3. Guangdong Alison angry gel: first domestic, the world\’s second large-scale enterprise airgel, airgel material sales in May 2015, 50 million yuan in 2016 amounted to 80 million yuan. Hongda Technology (Beijing) AG: Preparation of patented technology airgel has obvious cost advantages. Wuhan airgel project by the end of 2016 with a production capacity of 10,000 cubic meters, in July 2016, Changzhou construction of an annual output of 30,000 cubic meters of airgel production base of raw materials.