China\’s first branch airgel new materials industry fund set up

July 9, 2016, Changzhou National High-tech Zone Wo & Poor\’s capital in Changzhou signed a \”strategic cooperation agreement\”, announced the first domestic Aerogels new materials industry cluster projects (production base of industrial clusters + + industrial Fund) located in Changzhou national High-tech zone. Changzhou Riverside airgel new materials industry development fund Changzhou Riverside airgel new materials industry development fund from the capital Wo & Poor\’s coast Changzhou Development Zone jointly set up, the total size RMB 20 billion ($ 500 million first phase), Shenzhen Wo & P Fund asset management Limited is responsible for the management. The fund is unique to the first team airgel new materials industry innovation funds to extend the industrial chain as the core technology. The use of market-led, government support, bank support, the Institute supports a combination of technology, focusing on supporting the nationwide quality airgel applications company, while matching the quality of scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises. Wo & P Capital strive to build into venture capital industry highly differentiated and huge promising new materials industry fund. industrial clusters – the first domestic airgel Industries Demonstration Zone The industry cluster project uses technological innovation as the core, and extend the industry chain layout as the goal of capital as a sustainable and healthy development model driven. Integration by the government and the social capital advantages of resources, foster and catalyze a chain of quality projects more airgel, airgel lead the development of new materials industry in China, to create social and economic benefits, the basic material for the industrial development of China contribute. Wo & P Capital will actively integrate all capital advantages of resources, in Changzhou joint local government to build a combination of production and research base, innovative research of new materials to promote the depth of airgel, airgel gradually formed specialized industry demonstration zone through. Aerogels Aerogels are one of the industry\’s recognized as the world\’s top ten new materials that can withstand the temperature of -200 ~ 1400 ℃, known as the insulation the ultimate material. Airgel is a solid material form, is the world\’s smallest density of the solid. Lightest aerosilicon only 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, slightly lower than the density of air, so called \”frozen smoke\” or \”blue smoke.\” Since the airgel is generally more than 80% of air, a very good heat insulationEffect, quite inch thick airgel 20-30 ordinary glass thermal insulation. Airgel has in many fields of aerospace, defense industry, green building, environmental management, cold chain appliances, new energy, a very broad market prospects, super-insulation material is the most promising, but also the ideal acoustic delay or High temperature soundproofing material , it can be applied to new catalysts, as water adsorbed contaminants.