China\’s first super-efficient new airgel glass production line

The new super-efficient Aerogels Glass Technology Conference and China\’s first production line of the launching ceremony, held recently in Changsha, Hunan Ningxiang. The event is organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Technology Transfer Center, National Strategic Alliances green building materials industry technology innovation, the Hunan Yi-feng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. jointly organized. Aerogels are a new international super-insulating fireproof material used today, the three dimensional framework structure wherein nanopores having a series of excellent properties, such as ultra-lightweight, super insulation, super insulation, fire and explosion, noise reduction, super adsorption. Accordingly, airgel glass having excellent ordinary glass insulation that are not , and the like fire absorbing characteristics. Airgel Glass formal mass production, will be the full implementation of the national emission reduction targets and tasks, to promote the rapid construction and housing industry and building materials industry innovation, play an important role. After incubation the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of the past two years, to solve a lot of problems from engineering to the production process equipment, production efficiency and yield issues, successfully developed the first generation of airgel super energy-saving glass. This technology achievement by Housing and Urban Construction Department, after identification of China Academy of Building Research, Tsinghua University, Central South University, evaluated as \”Habitat leading international level.\” Among them, with independent intellectual property rights of core technologies include: high-end transparent airgel insulation and new materials technology, fast supercritical drying process, large-size transparent airgel complete production process.