Chinese scholars have developed a resistance to 1300 degrees Celsius heat can fire insulation materials

Reinforced concrete structural strength decreases rapidly when heated above 350 degrees Celsius, causing collapse. Recently, professor at University of Science and Technology of China Yushu Hong research group developed a dual network structure having a Phenolic Resin / silica composite Aerogels material may be 1300 degrees Celsius, \”compartment hot \”is about 300 degrees Celsius, has potential applications in terms of improving building safety and energy conservation. International academic journal \”German Applied Chemistry\” recently published the results. Yushu Hong airgel composite of this research group developed a dual network structure, the porous structure has a dendritic microstructure, the fiber size less than 20 nm, and the two components are each a continuous network, organic, inorganic components uniformly dispersed at the nanometer scale. Such an airgel can withstand compression of 60%, without rupture, good mechanical strength and workability; between two components having a strong interaction, in collaboration with its porosity, resulting in a good Insulation heat effects than conventional expanded polystyrene, mineral wool and other materials. The researchers used 1300 degrees Celsius propane butane burner flame, the fire detection of such aerogels, and the back surface of the sample temperature change recording infrared thermal imager. After 30 minute test, the temperature of the back surface of the sample steady at about 300 degrees Celsius, and with the combustion of the organic components, silica network and exposed surface adhered to the airgel will not fall off, continue to play a role in thermal insulation. It is understood that this new material excellent fire retardant and flame resistant erosion, can avoid the failure load-bearing structure of the building when the fire for the evacuation for their time. In addition, the use of insulation materials can improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce energy consumption.