Chinese scientists have developed a \”super-insulation material.\”

Reporters learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Suzhou Institute of Nano, which the researchers recently developed a \”super insulation materials .\” Compared to conventional insulation materials, the new material can act longer thermal insulation performance at very low and very high temperatures. It is expected to replace the ultra-fine fibers, and even subvert down, become the main direction of development of the next generation of warm fiber. Related research was recently published in the \”American Chemical Society · nano\” (ACS Nano). The new \”super-insulation material\”, use is made of a fiber DuPont Kevlar (of Kevlar) of Aerogels . Researchers, Kevlar fibers nanofiber dispersion liquid, and then made into a dispersion by wet spinning fibers hydrogel, dehydration Finally special drying technology, can be relatively easily prepared such Cave pull airgel. Lab tests have shown new cold insulation materials can play a role in the range of minus 196 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius. In the environment of minus 60 degrees Celsius, which is 2.8 times the heat capacity of the cotton fibers. Comparison on the market the best of both synthetic fiber insulation material present – hollow fibers and microfine fibers, Kevlar airgel insulation performance fibers is significantly better.