Chinese scientists have successfully developed a research team refractory ceramic nanofiber airgel

Led by a team of Chinese scientists successfully developed a new type of ultra-lightweight ceramic materials, ceramic materials not only have the traditional high temperature, good insulation, etc., but as a sponge full of flexibility and elasticity, are expected to used in aerospace, electronics information and other fields. Correspondence paper, textile materials science researcher at China Donghua University, Ding Bin believes that the future can be used to develop new ceramic electromagnetic shielding materials, flexible electronics, bio-scaffolds for tissue engineering and high-performance catalyst carrier. 27 related papers published in \”science advences\” United States \”science\” magazine published child. First author, postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Davis Adams Yang told Xinhua News Agency reporters, with the traditional ceramics Aerogels chain of beads of different nanoparticle structure, new materials in freezing fiber molding technology under the effect of having a chamber wall unique fibrous structure.

a schematic view of making ceramic fibers

Adams said Yang, the chamber wall comprising a large number of fibrous mesh size of 100 nm to 1 micron, wherein the ceramic fibers tightly bonded, rapid deformation and recovery in the external force. Team found that the ceramic fibrous structure, the fiber diameter of 200 nm, still at 1100 degrees Celsius compression resilience; up to 500 times, after compression, only 12% plastic deformation. In addition, this new ceramic weight significantly decreased the minimum density of up to 0.15 milligrams per cubic centimeter; and ultra high porosity and mesh tortuous path reduces convection effects, excellent insulation properties.

(A, B) electron micrograph; (C) standing on feathers ceramic fibers; (the DF) multiple compression performance test

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