Civil-military integration is another achievement of international airgel technology R & D center set up

Recently, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Hospitals 306 and Huaxing Metco New Materials Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Beijing Aerospace City, founded Aerogels International technology research and development center, trying to build international advanced , the leading domestic level of airgel technology research and development base. CAS academician Liu was said that bilateral cooperation is an airgel materials industry is a blessing, but also the national energy industry to promote a big plus. Airgel experts in the field, Tongji University, Professor Shen Jun introduction, airgel materials are known in the world\’s lightest solid material, it has a great surface area and low thermal conductivity, in the aerospace, defense industry, building , oil, petrochemical and other fields have broad prospects for development. The 306 and Huaxing Metco together, will make full use of their respective advantages and around the industrial demand at home and abroad, airgel civilian applications in development of derivatives to market-oriented approach and global vision to build \”political – production – research – with \”professional exchange platform to accelerate the process of industrial development airgel, service national economic development. According to reports, the newly established International airgel technology R & D center will be built in five years, including the entire test, test and evaluation platform for research and development center, set up more than 30 innovative research team, 15 years to achieve in 10 years, a large number of international advanced level of technology results and R & D center and industrial park as the core, supporting the formation of industrial clusters by the introduction of related businesses.