Cold Fair 2018: Space airgel to create a super cold boots

January 5, \”innovation-driven, win-win cooperation, and promote economic development in Cold\” as the theme of the 2018 Expo in Cold Harbin China (Harbin) first aerospace 3D printing materials and the preparation of Technology Exposition (referred to as cold Fair 3D printing-cum-Fair) opened in Harbin convention & Exhibition Center. The show, based on a Aerogels super cold shoe materials, attracted the attention of the participating audience. Nano airgel material is recognized worldwide as the best insulating solid performance environmentally friendly materials, airgel material from Aerospace Science and Industry in the Long March V rocket had gas line, tianzhou 1 cargo spacecraft to get cold locker By applying; recently, the China aerospace Science and Industry Hospitals 306 space Seahawks (Zhenjiang) special materials Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a suitable footwear and apparel products advanced thermal fabrics – fabrics airgel, which launched this with super-cold function and wear comfortable boots cold products. According HY special material product engineers Bin introduction, plus the thickness of this layer of cold shoe 1mm airgel material as a insulating material , full unmatched \”aerospace grade\” thermal properties, in cold weather people can move freely minus ten degrees. It is reported that the Seahawks are special materials Aerospace Science and Industry Hospitals implementation of civil-military integration, to promote one platform civilian industrial development, we are committed to innovation and industrialization of new aerospace materials. As one of China-made large aircraft C919 airframe structural core suppliers, the company took on the C919 fuselage front section, rear section of the fuselage, vertical tail and ailerons work package development tasks, the C919 has contributed to the successful maiden flight.