\”Composite nanoporous airgel insulation products\” (T / ZZB 0554-2018) has been implemented

Recently, the Shaoxing City, Quality and Technical Supervision and Inspection Institute led organizations to develop, Nano Technology Co., Ltd. based drafting of a \”nanopore Aerogels composite insulation products\” (T / ZZB 0554-2018) \”Zhejiang manufacturing \”community standards, after the provincial expert review, the provincial Federation approved the release of brand building, will be officially implemented starting October 31. The release of the standard, to achieve the coastal city of Shaoxing \”Zhejiang to create\” community standard breakthrough. The standard is prepared by the company leading Nano GB / T base \”composite nanoporous airgel insulation products\” on the 34336-2017, reference U.S. Society for Testing Materials ASTM C1278-17 \”flexible airgel insulation material specification\” Requirements , prepared in response to community standards of Zhejiang manufacturing. The science standards, reasonable structure, clear indicators, test methods feasible, in line with standard positioning Zhejiang manufacturing, domestic first-class, international advanced level. Compared with its main technical indicators GB / T 34336-2017 national standards, increasing the S products at 300 ℃ thermal conductivity index, improved products A thermal conductivity at room temperature requirements, improve the combustion performance levels, tightening the mat and board size tolerances, bulk density right angle deviation and the deviation of the plate, and bending flatness deviation in the indicator breaking load. The promulgated standards and meet the requirements of energy saving insulation materials industry development, contribute to the quality of the composite nanoporous airgel insulation products specifications, to enhance the \”Zhejiang to create\” brand image. Next, the Nano Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will strengthen communication and contact with the Provincial Council for the Promotion of products, and strive to early adoption of the \”Zhejiang to create\” product certification.