Compound annual growth rate of 60% plus new airgel material into the dark horse industry

Graphene outstanding sought reverberation, another concern horse new material Aerogels also brought to the cusp. May 17, a new material domestic enterprises to participate in top-level academic conference organized by the National University of Singapore Innovfest 2016, has been the concern over global media and investment institutions, became the new materials enterprises \”dark horse.\” Aerogels have the insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, oil and other fields very common applications, large aerospace materials, space suit insulation fire service, small mug, car noise, ports suck oil spill, very broad field of use make airgel attention in the materials market. According to statistics, the global airgel market compound annual growth rate of 36.4%, while the annual compound growth rate of the domestic market of airgel as high as 61.1%, within five years the market will reach 100 billion, not fully understanding the public when airgel, airgel super material has been full speed, much to lead the market direction intended. 年复合增长率60% 加新气凝胶成材料业黑马 UN Under Secretary-General of the airgel to learn more about the progress of industrialization at present, use of common silica airgel chemical raw materials, products prone to degradation of the environment pollution, the production process using high temperature and pressure required, there is a certain security risk. Plus new technology and new materials in cooperation with the Singapore company, acquired a new airgel production technology, and made a deep development for industrial applications, can be used to achieve a first temperature and pressure for production, product safety and environmental protection non-toxic. We expect China\’s first such airgel production line will be put into use in 2017. By then, the new airgel super-massive floor material, airgel will greatly reduce the cost, and to refrigerators, automobile manufacturing and other industries represented, at the same time will reduce the cost of materials, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the use of the product energy consumption. According to the person in charge of Dai Jinzhou add new technology, the \”refrigerator as soon as the use of this new type of airgel insulation material, it will lead to the industrial revolution in the refrigerator manufacturing sector, because production costs at the same time, the new airgel make the refrigerator work reduce energy consumption by 30% -40%, while the market frequently thousand-level insulation apparel, the price is expected to further downwards. \” Meanwhile, the head of Dai Jinzhou add new technology also revealed new plus full play \”along the way\” and \”going out, bringing in\” philosophy, with a number of well-known foreign research centers and research materialsPartner institutions, basic research and new materials technology in foreign countries, industrial production and promotion in China, by this model, in the future there will be more new materials research and promotion landing in the country.