Copper appearance art flexible conductor

Sensor made of copper with a low cost, light weight, flexible and strong conductive characteristics. Bending, stretching, twisting, folding – lightweight, flexible, and other characteristics of modern high conductivity material so as to have an extraordinary potential, such as the manufacture of artificial skin and an electronic paper. Want these concepts become reality is still time, however, a new method of nanometer copper and PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) nano-based glue may become savior. \” Aerogels stone\” (aerogel monoliths) as a lightweight successful art invention heavily depends on the silver and precious Namijinsi. Instead, researchers at Monash University in Melbourne and nano-manufacturing center using an inexpensive copper conductor reduces the cost of flexibility, to make it more commercial value. Principal Investigator \”airgel rock like kitchen sponges, but our conductor is made of ultra-fine nano-wire, and use of a feature called freeze-dried manufacturing process.\” The study, Monash University Department of Chemical Engineering Associate Professor of Wenlong Cheng said. \”Airgel rock having conductive copper, but may also be embedded in a polymer elastomer (very strong and stretchable elastic material), so we obtain a conductive rubber.\” Nevertheless, the monolith airgel copper nano electrical conductivity, oxidation resistance and poor mechanical stability or copper so that it is not a bright future. The researchers found that adding a small amount of polyvinyl alcohol (poly vinyl alcohol, PVA) in the airgel can dramatically increase its mechanical strength and robustness, and the conductivity does not decrease. They also found that, upon addition of the PVA, aerogels can be prepared without the conductive rubber line pre-material, and good remodeling. \”Conductive rubber can be cut by a simple shape to reshape into any linear, planar or three-dimensional, while maintaining its electrical conductivity.\” Professor Zheng Fu said. Having adjustable electrical conductivity. \”We can thus conductivity is adjusted by simply adjusting the loading of the nano wire,\” he said, \”nanowire low load applied to the pressure sensor for high load telescopic conductor nanowires.\” These low-cost materials opened market concept of the product range: from artificial skin (prosthetic skin) to electronic paper, and then to medical devices, flexible displays and touch screens. These materials may be manufactured similar rubber-like electronic devices, can be extended to becomesong. Professor Zheng Fu expressed, they may also be attached to the complex surface topology, as the image sensing device like the real skin. The researchers report published in the American Chemical Society (ACS) journal ACS Nano in the. They said that although the use of devices such airgel made of copper sensitivity of less than Namijinsi devices, but you can not hide its significant advantages – low cost materials and simple processing technology and has a wealth of adjustability.