Crystal Building Materials Group: collaborative innovation change \”waste\” to \”treasure\”

\”Green development\” is a necessary requirement to build high quality modern economic system is to solve the pollution problems of fundamental policy. Over the past few decades, people in daily life bearing building member of constructional products is most ancient in use or firing temperature autoclaved autoclave process, with the primary gross formula of industrial production in exchange for building materials. This tends to bring a series of follow-up questions of high energy consumption, high pollution and high emissions, leading to the obvious contradiction between industrial development and ecological environment. How to reduce the production of building materials in the presence of the \”three high\” issue, the depth of green building materials to promote the recycling economy, how to deal with problems between green and energy conservation right, it has become all placed in front of the building materials production enterprises major issue. Recently, located in Tianjin Binhai New Area in Crystal Building Materials Group keeping up with the pace of the national environmental protection strategy, the \”green building materials technology, leading the industry changes; puzzle made with fine craftsmanship, made to build a better life\” for the mission, the new technology will change \” waste \”to\” treasure \”, the production of new green building materials, and realized from materials to integrated housing, from design to complete the building materials, construction closed loop chain-mounted system, and promote the rapid development of enterprises, out of a social, ecological and economic benefits taking into account the way the development of green. collaborative innovation and change \”waste\” to \”treasure\” \”Crystal Building Materials Group is a relatively new company, but it is also a veteran of building materials industry.\” Microtek Building Materials Group general manager Wang Shiqiang told reporters. Crystal Building Materials Group under the Beijing Badachu Holdings. Back in 1998, the Group\’s Po Chun paint in Beijing Tongzhou established as a domestic water-based industrial paint field, \”the first person to eat crabs,\” after years of research and development and investment, has become a leader in the field of industrial water-based paint. To further meet the overall strategic shift needs of the market and nation-building, Po Chun paint in 2015 from Beijing moved to Tianjin Binhai New Area, and changed its name to Po Chun new building materials (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., to expand and upgrade to Crystal Building Materials Group\’s business laid a solid foundation. \”Microtek cause of building materials Building Materials Group is a rising star. We started in 2016 to invest and build factories in Tianjin, as of now, the group has invested nearly 40 billion yuan in South China, East China, North China and other key regions are the layout of production base, currently owns 7 wholly owned or holding subsidiaries, the latter will have a greater industrial planning. we have formed a prefabricated house design and construction of integrated, ultra-low energy passive houseConsumption of high-end curtain wall windows and doors, fabricated insulation decorative panels, decorative panels fabricated interior, engineering and tunnel fire board, water-based paint environmental protection, urban construction and urban series of high-grade sponge bricks and other components of the new building materials industry chain, to provide the a full range of technical support and consulting services, design and construction, materials supply and other sets of solutions. \”Wang Shiqiang introduced the Road.\” Crystal Building Materials Group of construction and future planning based on two basis: First, the new materials have independent intellectual property rights, and second, new technologies, new processes. Crystal raw building materials for our products from our more familiar steel mills, power plants and other companies are very troublesome sources of pollution – dust treatment. We take advantage of the product of flue gas desulphurization and denitrification, combined with solid waste, such as slag, fly ash these wastes to prepare a new material, the use of new technology, new technologies make our green building. \”Microtek building materials group exactly how turning waste into treasure it? Thanks to years of strong real estate sector savings related fields Badachu Real Estate Group has the resources and Crystal Building Materials Group Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as\” Crystal integrated environmental building materials Group \”) co-treatment technology and new materials research and development. since 2006, crystal building materials Group is committed to the environment of industrial flue gas treatment, over the years always adhere to the 3R (reuse, reduce pollution, recycle) of technology research and development concepts, creatively introduced FOSS? perverse integrated collaborative governance solutions, including a series of coordinated control technology emission control, waste water treatment, solid waste recycling and green building materials manufacturing. Microtek Microtek use of building materials building Materials Group Group environmental exclusive FOSS? perverse technology, after steel mills, power plant flue gas desulphurization and denitrification treatment products and industrial solid waste and construction waste and other solid waste is converted into new cementitious material \”crystal powder\”, combined with advanced, green manufacturing process and technology to produce a new sheet \”crystal plate,\” inorganic thermal insulation materials\’ crystal nest board \”, sponge brick city\” crystal brick \”and other new environmentally friendly building materials. collaborative innovation and energy of the two platforms to stimulate the achievements of today the crystal building Materials Group. \”Microtek building Materials Group \’waste\’ integrated collaborative governance model, not only broke the product can not be after the effective use of traditional flue gas desulphurization and only as solid waste piling up of \’curse\’, also broke sintering flue gas treatment can \’burn\’ and not to create effective \’curse\’, the real use of solid waste, turning waste into treasure. \”Wang Shiqiang representation. \”eat\” waste under \”spit\” out of \”green\” materials reporter visited the Crystal Building Materials Group\’s production site, the workshop production of building materials can maintain the overall clean and tidy, orderly standardization work, the production of high degree of automation scene reporter far beyond the imagination of the general building materials factory, between the shuttle did not see a large number of workers in the operation, but also did not feel the irritating odor and dust. 中晶建材集团:协同创新变“废”为“宝” came to the \”crystal tile\” workshop, the reporter did not see the traditional high-temperature kiln firing, only to see the complete set of equipment imported brick bricks out of a block of repression, rather than high temperature \”burn out\”, brick conservation temperature is displayed as \”30 ℃\”. I did not see the dusty brick scene, only the sound of rhythm and orderly operation of the device. It is understood that in the crystal brick building materials group of products to serve the country promoting the use of sponge urban construction. German company and a company with a century-old brick-making company to carry out a full range of top technical cooperation, hoping to enhance China\’s overall level of bricks and people on municipal engineering experience satisfaction. Common market calcium silicate boards, road blocks are generated at high temperature and pressure, the crystal plate, crystal slabs can be produced at room temperature, saving a lot of energy consumption, protecting the environment, indeed rare The new green material. But the production of crystal plate under normal temperature and pressure, how crystal Brick? To meet customer requirements it? Crystal Building Materials Group, there are strict processes and quality control, the use of advanced automated production lines, to achieve full automation from raw material \”crystal powder\” to the finished product \”crystal board\”, intelligent management, effectively avoid due to raw material, production batch, on-site construction and other ills caused by differences. Crystal plate full term characteristics detected by SGS International Certification Authority and access to the most stringent European Union CE certification, has experienced 150 freeze-thaw limit testing, rupture stratification does not appear, powder coating, foam shedding from the muster phenomenon, crystal thermal conductivity of the plate 0.12W / (mk) only, well below the calcium silicate board, and absolutely free of asbestos, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, impact strength ≥2.2kJ / m, with more toughness provide more convenient construction sex, compared to calcium silicate board advantage. Crystal Building Materials Group Sintered crystal tile production process, natural pressing, compressive and flexural strength were 20% higher than traditional brick pavement, and costs are greatly reduced. Among them, permeable brick stable while Class A water permeability and cleavage strength than C3.0, life is more than 2 times that of similar products on the market.Crystal Building Materials Group Another key product Crystal board (insulation decorative plates) stressed that \”the entire board refused to piece together, the quality of the same strain,\” the overall quality of conscience, the main material using the crystal building materials group self-produced crystal plate, water-based architectural coatings and the latest technology fusion graphene airgel inorganic insulation material class a \”crystal plate nest.\” Including interior and exterior building materials industry, the main material entirely from the same chain, integration and unified management system to ensure product should be extremely rare, fully confirmed in the Crystal Building Materials Group solid strength of enterprises and responsible uphold. Wang Shiqiang stressed by harsh process management production management system under the unified management principles stringent quality control system, design management system, etc., in order to ensure reliability and consistency of the final quality of the finished product. Crystal Building Materials Group Corporate Responsibility \”is responsible for the construction, environmentally responsible, socially responsible\” Microtek building materials group advocating corporate responsibility. In this regard, Wang Shiqiang said the nature of the building is to serve, should not be a cold frame, should be a room temperature and carrier. Our products have stable performance, security, let people use the product, people living in the building of confidence. We produce insulation decorative panels (ie Crystal board) all the main material is a crystal building materials group in its own products, we emphasize the principle of \”the entire board refused to piece together, the quality of the same strain,\” and not to change the cost price, reflects our \” and responsibility \”of the building. \”Crystal Building Materials Group of raw materials, production processes, the final product, as well as re-use of the finished product end of life, the whole cycle will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. We both front-end things polluting the social and business people are most concerned about disposed of, but also to ensure that our products will not generate new pollution, which is responsible for the environment. I hope crystal building Materials Group throughout the production, use, including post-processing do not bring new pressure on society, not to other government add more trouble to grief for the community, which is socially responsible. \”\” three responsibility is our mind, we will continue to adhere to the latter, a firm practice. there are some painful course of the struggle, but we all development of concepts and industrial distribution in line with the policy direction of the country, in the country and the people will benefit in the long run, the market also needs such a pioneer in the crystal building Materials Group. \”Wang Shiqiang finally said. \”Crystal Building Materials Group is also actively planning for further expansion, we will go the expansion of two production base, now has to signit is good. \”Microtek building materials group vice president of strategic Ma Gang said,\” From the business point of view, Crystal Building Materials Group has just started in the building materials industry, but we also have the strength and ability to play a positive role in promoting the healthy development of the industry even change in the industry. \”Currently, the building materials industry green transformation task is urgent, the development of\” green building \”is imminent, to promote the building materials industry green cycle of development can not wait. The Crystal Building Materials Group this rising star, provides a vivid case studies and benchmark for us to promote green recycling the building materials industry .