Current situation and standard passive house building development

\”Twelve Five\” period, China has successfully implemented a passive house energy conservation demonstration projects. So far, the level of international certification (PHI) demonstration project is close to 20, to get the project approved domestic companies hundreds of civil self-constructed passive low-energy project thousand. With the popularization and promotion of these projects, in \”Thirteen Five\” during the implementation of our total energy consumption intensity and \”dual control\” actions carried out, then the energy saving as the economic transformation and upgrading, the transition of new green energy an important starting point comprehensive use of economic, legal, technical and necessary administrative means to comprehensively promote energy conservation work, laying a solid foundation. 我国被动房建筑发展现状与标准 Currently, passive house in China, though has gradually spread, but some people due to the lack of understanding of passive house, still in a wait state, even skeptical. In the sound source Cui view, the concept of passive house construction is established in Germany on the basis of low-energy building in the 1980s. Passive house building energy efficiency more than 90%, do not take the initiative to take the traditional heating and air conditioning systems, we can achieve indoor \”humidity, constant temperature and oxygen, constant static, constant cleaning\” healthy and comfortable environment, ending thousands of years of human tradition \”slash and burn\” living environment and lifestyle. Passive house in a foreign country for more than 20 years of development history, some EU countries have legislation to promote the development. For example: Some provisions of German cities since 2015, new buildings must be passive building; decree also requires the EU 28 countries by 2020, all new buildings must be passive building. Government is the major driving force to promote the development of the passive house, we hope that all levels of government the people\’s livelihood, strengthen policy efforts to promote. Situation of passive house building and development standards developers about why no large-scale development and popularization of passive house, Yeung Choi source, due to different country\’s vast territory, north and south climatic conditions, a total of five different climate zones, unable to develop detailed uniform standards . To promote the demonstration effect of key areas, with the support of the national housing construction sector, Hebei Province in 2015 was the first in China to develop the country\’s first passive house local design standards. Since then, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued design guidelines passive building of national significance is universal. Driven by these typical demonstration provinces and general guidelines, other provinces and developed a demonstration zone after another local standards in line with the climate conditions. For example, to actively promote the development of Sino-German eco-park Chinese passive house standard: 2017 National Building Energy Efficiency Standardization Technical Committee passive building technology standards development working group settled in the park; Sino-German eco-park passive house companies involved in the preparation of Housing and Urban-Rural Development \”passive ultra-low power green building (residential part) Technical Guidelines\”, Shandong provincial Engineering construction standards \”passive ultra-low power residential building energy efficiency design standards\” has been promulgated; currently preparing the country \”near-zero-energy buildings technical standards\” and \”passive ultra-low power Shandong green building technical guidelines (public buildings),\” Shandong Province, \”passive ultra-low power energy-saving building construction Atlas\”, \”Shandong Province, ultra-low power construction technical guidelines\” and other standards; independent research and development granted seven patents passive house; with independent intellectual property rights of high-performance residential passive house new air handling units have been put into the park, to fill the gaps in the field. If the passive house to be large scale, must be standard first. Cui sound source mentioned, Industrial Alliance is planning to promote the development of bulk cement China Association of Professional Committee of Passive Construction works will be announced in September this year, Fuzhou forum, and related organizations officially launched passive house standards work. And strive to drive innovation in the field of passive house, the pioneer and standard-setting bodies to play a leading role in terms of integration and prefabricated housing standards. Large scale the formation of climate on the construction of passive house research and innovation base, build passive house the whole industrial system, explore a new model issues passive building development in China, Cui Yuansheng said the face of the deteriorating environment and the progressive lack of energy, construction industry can sustainable development face serious challenges. Passive, prefabricated, integrated systems and other new housing development of low-carbon environmental protection, green energy, is imperative. Currently, fabricated, integrated construction in the ascendant, passive buildings are already in full swing; advanced areas exploding, remote areas still in the climbing stages of budding; supporting green building materials production of cohabitation, not yet formed standard and scale, severely restricted the transformation and upgrading of industries in urgent need of proper guidance and a strong push. In order to correctly guide the development of the industry, industry alliances and industry associations are actively tissue localization and localized passive house demonstration bases and demonstration projects, in an effort to reduce the cost of construction materials and construction costs, etc., September 6 to 8, Fuzhou Forum will be industry reports about the progress of demonstration bases and demonstration projects. Including low-cost high-performance crop stalks of green design and development of passive house products, and industrial waste to produce passive house construction to protect themselvesWarm wall materials, will play a very important role in the future of prefabricated passive house construction. Let passive house more quickly into millions of households, a national energy conservation tool, provides industrial transformation and upgrading of the starting point, the courage to do ecological improvement model, boosting the full implementation of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization of precision, has been a passive house the sacred mission of the times industry Alliance and passive assembly building societies created. Launched a comprehensive transformation of existing buildings on how passive house retrofitting of existing buildings to passive house, Cui Yuansheng, Fuzhou forum will focus on a number of research units and production of building materials on passive house retrofitting of existing buildings of the problem. 我国被动房建筑发展现状与标准 sing Chinese passive house story source sound Cui said that the current intelligence of the Industrial Alliance comprehensive organization translated and published \”The 22nd Munich International passive house Conference\” New technology core literature, in several news media to convey the theme of the report of the International Conference subject matter, especially in this conference – passive house economic analysis of the problem. In addition, the Information Institute of Industrial Alliance will be invited to Europe, America, Japan and other passive house expert to make important report of the General Assembly, detailing the direction of development of passive architecture and zero energy buildings, case foreign passive construction project analysis, as well as the national new passive housing project release. As the world\’s first cold-formed light steel passive house project, the country\’s first straw passive house project design, passive house development vision live in total Group Tongzhou sub-center passive house project planning and design, rail systems, passive construction in new countryside cutting-edge and practical application report construction. Choi sound source said, how fabricated building effective integration of passive buildings, as well as the presence of fabricated building problems and solutions, etc., the meeting would be fully dissected and analyzed. Meanwhile, during the meeting will be organized to visit Fujian Fen Aluminum Group passive house curtain wall project. The project is the country\’s first passive house curtain wall project completed and put into use in Fujian Fen Aluminum, which is building the world the same latitude as the southern climate zone of a passive house. Fen Museum of doors and windows three floors, building area of ​​5,000 square feet, the Chinese and German experts, designers and designed together. Its passive house passive collection system doors and windows, new air system, insulation system in the world\’s most cutting-edge building technology, certified by the German Institute for passive \”German passive house standard.\” The windows used in construction by Fen self-developed system of aluminum door and window system Institute passive windows, U value of 0.8 or less, passive FenIt is China\’s first set of doors and windows aluminum windows and doors passive system. Participants can go to experience and field experience. Choi sound source, during the Fuzhou Forum delegates will also have the opportunity to be invited to visit Fujian-chuen Engineering Group of prefabricated buildings production line equipment, to understand the future development blueprint passive and fabricated building in terms of how the machinery manufacturing organic binding. Corporation of Fujian Quan was founded in 1979, is a professional concrete brick-making machinery and equipment research and development, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech enterprise, it has now developed into multinational brick China\’s largest integrated solutions operator, with the German company policy nits, Austria nits mold making companies, manufacturing companies and other member companies of India, has all kinds of engineers and technical personnel more than 500 people in the world. As the brick industry\’s leading enterprises, Stephen Engineering shares always adhere to the \”quality determines the value of professional cast the cause of\” business philosophy, using German technology in the domestic manufacturing and assembly, while the introduction of foreign advanced technology, positive innovation, research and development, to form their own the core technology. About passive house construction difficulty, knee problems, Cui source Yeung said, the forum will invite well-known person in charge of production units to explain the prefabricated precast production technology and processes, and other hot modernization and upgrade the whole industry chain of green building and international cutting-edge topics. Excellent domestic and international building materials manufacturers to demonstrate the successful application of the model will be new technologies and new products and new technologies, such as Cinderella fresh air, Ge Yade insulation materials, electrical scenery complementary technology vendors, airgel technology in passive buildings. Important issues such as air tightness around the passive house, the source Choi Yeung said, the current intelligence and Industry Alliance invited German Association of leak detection experts to make a report \”The importance of passive house air tightness and German implementation of contrast\” will as soon as possible a detailed report on the construction program data and dedication to the community free of charge. Developers hope to make good use around the policy, speed up the passive house efforts to open a new passive house a new era!