Dell\’s executive vice president of global Huangchen Hong: smart times, should be people-oriented

Seventh China Electronic Information Expo (hereinafter referred to as CITE2019) April 9 opened in Shenzhen, the theme of \”innovation-driven development enabling future wisdom.\” Dell Technology Group as a leader in the digital transformation of China\’s active participation in CITE2019 again. Executive vice president of Dell Global Technology Group, and Dr. Huangchen Hong\’s senior vice president of Dell Greater China president, Technology Group, general manager of Dell EMC solutions for Greater China Cao Zhiping, respectively, the keynote speaker, shared from the Dell Technology Group computing data center edge to the core and then to cloud computing, all-round potential for the release of the data, enables its clients to embrace \”smart +\” solid strength and rich experience. In addition, Dell Technology Group for the future of enterprise storage products and PowerMax newly released 7400 Latitude business notebook combo Fair won the award. Dr. Huangchen Hong, president of Dell Greater China Technology Group, emphasized that \”Smart +\” era, should be people-oriented, CITE2019 opening day, executive vice president of Dell Global Technology Group, Dr. Huangchen Hong, president of Greater China for sustainable development keynote speech on \”China\’s electronic information industry CEO Summit\” entitled \”to promote industrial upgrading to support digital transformation.\” Dr. Huangchen Hong said, \”Today we live in the world is made of the digital world, the physical world and human organic whole, the digital transition is to use IT to get through digital and physical worlds. At the same time, we want to make sure that the physical world of sustainable the development, to achieve the harmonious development of both the power and purpose of harmonious development are two of the world to make our lives better and more convenient; just great efforts to train personnel related to the digital transition, in order to achieve coordinated development of two worlds and their a steady stream energize this year\’s government work report first proposed the \’smart +\’ concept, and emphasizes accelerate 5G technology and industrial development of the Internet, which is Dell technology Group long-term commitment to achieve the objective is highly consistent. as a global digital transition leader who, Dell Technology Group will continue to enhance their core strength, deepen comprehensive cooperation with local partners, while promoting China\’s digital transformation, and continue to firmly practice \’in China, is China\’ strategy, actively participate in public welfare and environmental protection activities, China\’s economic development efforts to make greater contributions to quality. \”​戴尔全球执行副总裁黄陈宏:智能时代,应以人为本, executive vice president of Dell global Technology Group, Dr. Huangchen Hong, president of greater China in the\” China ElectronicsIndustry CEO Summit \”on the keynote speech, Dell\’s senior vice president of Technology Group, general manager of Dell EMC solutions for Greater China Cao Zhiping published in 2019 entitled China CIO Summit\” theme of new technologies to lead the digital transformation \” the speaker shared Cao Zhiping said: \”By 2020, we will enter the \’Chak era\’. Big Data will bring us value and can be transformed into economic benefits can not be limited. If the smart technology compared to \’rocket\’, is calculated engine, fuel is data. Dell Technology Group provides the industry\’s most complete digital transformation solutions, covering strategy, architecture, end to end integrated solutions across computing from the edge to the core data center and then to all aspects of cloud computing, let us in data collection, computing, storage, and other superior protection, enabling customers to transition to the equipment as the core of the IT infrastructure for the data center as the core of the wisdom of the data center, to release the potential of data, data value, promote \’smart +\’. \”​戴尔全球执行副总裁黄陈宏:智能时代,应以人为本, Dell\’s senior vice president of Technology Group, general manager of Dell EMC solutions for Greater China Cao Zhiping keynote speech at the 2019 China CIO Summit PowerMax and commercial Latitude 7400 notebook combo won the heavyweight awards , highlighting the innovative strength Dell Technology Group\’s high-end storage products PowerMax won this year China Electronics Fair gold medal. as a leading storage arrays for smart applications, PowerMax built-in real-time machine learning engine that provides up to 1 million IOPS, shortening 50% of the response time. Meanwhile, PowerMax is a future-oriented enterprise storage products, designed with end-NVMe, fast, intelligent and efficient .PowerMax not only to meet the database, virtual environments, ERP and other applications, but also calmly the future of real-time data analysis, the demanding needs of a new generation of application networking, artificial intelligence, along with the online deduplication and enhanced compression capabilities for the customer\’s business-critical application environments to provide high performance, high reliability, high availability and other technical advantages. [123 during] Dell Technology Group\’s high-end storage products PowerMax won this year China Electronics Fair Gold Medal exhibition, Dell Technology Group organized a \”full speed caused by the future\” Latitude product communication will face in LatitudeOn the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the World, released to the Chinese market innovation Latitude 7400 Euro RSCG weather Combo \”pilot\” business notebook. This newly designed notebook business, won the CES 2019 Innovation Award at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show. Due to the superior body smart, intelligent sensor technology, as well as long battery life and charging speed, all-weather support office anytime, anywhere, Latitude 7400 notebook combo business and won the Innovation Award at the China Electronic Information Expo. Meanwhile, Dell also launched to create this fair for education and the Internet industry and the Latitude 3300 to meet basic business needs of enterprise build Latitude 3400 and 3500 series notebook, further boosting business productivity transition. ​戴尔全球执行副总裁黄陈宏:智能时代,应以人为本 \”release the potential of data chi innovative future\” solution from Dell China 4.0+-to-end strategy, Dell Technology Group exhibition of highlights Dell China 4.0+ strategy: last year, Dell opened a Dell Technology Group China 4.0+ a new chapter. This Expo, Dell Technology Group is showcasing its core content and practice achievements China strategy. Executive vice president of Dell Global Technology Group, Dr. Huangchen Hong, president of Greater China, stressed that \”Dell China 4.0+ strategy can be understood as \’three further\’, \’an active participation\’, that is to further deepen\” in China for China \”strategy further contribute to China\’s economic development, further promote the digital transformation, and actively participate in China \’smart +\’ construction \”Isilon all-flash storage solutions: Dell Technology Group has always been committed to providing customers with future-oriented Isilon storage solutions , the new Isilon F810 scale-out NAS storage to support demanding workloads of unstructured data through superior performance and efficiency, to help companies more efficiently release the data value. Dell Technology Group also announced a new Dell EMC ClarityNow software that provides local and cloud unstructured data for business visibility, control and mobility. It is worth mentioning that earlier this year, the first local production of Isilon product shipments in China factory, which is not only rooted Isilon product line is an important milestone in China, but also \”in China for China\” strategy of continuing and deepening Yili certificate. End comprehensive data protection: Dell EMC Data Protection portfolio to meet almost all of the data protection needs, through lower costs and increase agility and support cloud-based data protection solutions to help customers achieve IT transformation. DD3300: Designed for small and medium sized businesses and large enterprises with remote offices designed for implementing cost-effective backup, archiving and disaster recovery. DD3300 with faster networking capabilities, providing support for cloud and scalable data protection solutions. DP4400: The new integrated data protection application equipment for small and medium enterprises and offering backup, deduplication, replication and recovery, and cloud-based disaster recovery and long-term retention of data protection functions into one, bring lower cost of protection , will shorten the backup time up to 2 times, and reach an average 55: 1 deduplication ratio, easy to manage, deploy and upgrade. Dell EMC Data Protection software: backup and recovery environment for a variety of mission-critical applications, virtual environments, such as data archiving provides comprehensive special protection. Miniature data centers: in September 2018, Dell Technology Group released a mini-Smart Data Center. Joint EMC and Dell APC by Schneider Electric brand launched IMDC One (Intelligent Micro Data Center), offers a new integrated design solutions for small and medium-room customers. User operation more simple and flexible to meet customers in the Connected Era growing data processing needs. As a fashion design, selection of simple, easy to deploy, simple operation, easy maintenance of a single rack (42U) solutions, IMDC One offers customers include cabinet, UPS, batteries, air conditioners, emergency fan, environmental monitoring and other basic room physical facilities in one, widely used in medical, financial, retail, education, government, public and media industry case. Dell Technology Group has always been committed to promoting the transformation of businesses productivity, enhance work efficiency. In the commercial terminal products and solutions, in addition to bringing the exposition won the Innovation Award of Latitude7400 combo business notebook, and the star product UP3218K 8K display at the same time, Dell Technology Group also live demonstration of health, education, home improvement, deep learning and many other industries and innovative technology solutions:Latitude 7400 Combo \”pilot\” Business Notebook: The Smart-weather products to the aesthetic rejuvenation of commercial open a new era of office equipment: CNC aluminum unibody, the merger can be opened with one hand 360-degree turn in any mode of office , surrounded by micro box presents a broader perspective; equipped with Dell Express Sign-in intelligent sensor technology, the user can automatically wake up soon or quickly leave or locking system, equipped with face recognition and fingerprint power one key, ensuring data security while further increase productivity; battery life up to 26 hours, and only 1 hour to charge to 80% capacity in the off state; NASA aerospace grade GORE airgel insulation effective, comfortable to use; even when WiFi is not available, the mobile office LTE person can also access via the optional Gigabit CAT16, which is about three times faster than the previous WWAN technology. In addition, Latitude 7400 notebook combo using recycled plastic as a packaging oceans, while allowing users to buy, but also to contribute to environmental protection. 8K deep learning and video solutions: Dell Precision Workstation deep learning greatly simplifies the data required for scientific researchers hardware and software installation and deployment, and boot the box. This depth learning solutions can support the current mainstream deep learning framework, effectively optimize the depth learning process, improve the efficiency of the algorithm model development for small and medium model predictive neural network training and reasoning. In order to meet the multimedia industry demand high-definition content editing and display of Dell\’s build 8K video editing solutions, including media capture, edit and development, visual effects and synthesis, color grading and modifications, as well as publishing the finished product, including the ultra-high-definition video post each process in the production of advanced technology. With a wealth of ISV certifications and tuning software, this program can be dynamically optimized for the fastest speed for the user is using a program to help professionals to break through the boundaries of innovation and bring lifelike color. Industry Solutions: Dell\’s award-winning commercial terminal covers Latitude business notebooks for special circumstances Latitude Rugged rugged machine, Precision professional workstations, Cheng Ming and OptiPlex business desktop and monitor series, combined with the solution deployment, computing and software optimization aspects of the advantages, Dell and many partners to provide for different industriesTotal solutions and services. For the medical industry customers to build complete digital healthcare ecosystem, including grading and digital collaboration platform clinics, hospitals and wisdom regional health management, reasonable coordination of medical resources, to achieve better treatment services; virtual classroom designed for the Chinese education simulation design basis, by VR human-computer interactive teaching mode, create immersive environments and experience for experimental teaching students; on display for the home improvement market tailored VR + BIM software system integrates the functions of home improvement mainstream software, design and construction to achieve count the amount of drawing one , then it can show three-dimensional effect of the decoration, using technology to achieve creative advance; cloud video conferencing systems, compatible with all current mainstream terminal and conference systems, anywhere, anytime to provide secure Internet era 5G, production and collaboration. In addition, Dell Technology Group also demonstrated its strong application-end infrastructure solutions in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology in the field of data, its main products include solutions Isilon, ECS, VxRail, HPC, Dell Yi Shun 14th generation PowerEdge servers. ADAS successful high-performance computing solutions, mainly due to massively scalable, easy to manage, high-performance systems and infrastructure, these solutions not only support traditional work processes, but also to meet the advanced driver assistance systems, and high performance autopilot in specific emerging data-intensive computing workflow. As a practitioner of digital transformation, leader Insighter and enablers, Dell Dell Technology Group will continue to practice Chinese 4.0+ strategy, play the Group\’s overall technical advantage, further cultivating the Chinese market to help more customers to release the potential of data, advance China upgrading of traditional industries, help China move towards \”smart +\” new stage for China\’s economic development and foster new high kinetic energy.