Dennert Poraver produced an airgel insulation mortar Poraver foamed glass particles

Germany message: Dennert Poraver adoption of 0.01-4mm size Poraver foam glass Aerogels particles, developed a heat-insulating Mortar Formulations. This foam glass particles maker said airgel insulation mortar lightweight, waterproof, diffusion, even a small layer thickness can achieve a high heat insulating characteristics. This new product is mainly used for internal and external renovation of historic buildings. Because of thin plaster, manufacturers said features of the building remained unchanged. The construction materials can be used for masonry plastering new buildings. The insulation mortar are also classified as \”non-combustible, non-smoking, does not drip.\” This means that they can also be used outside wall, before this, because improved fire safety requirements, only the external walls of insulation material mineral cotton. Foamed glass particles and airgel combined exploitation of mineral insulating mortar, to incorporate the advantages of both lightweight aggregate. Cabot Airgel offers an airgel particulate form 0.01-4mm adiabatic mortar. Particle size of 1-2mm Poraver foamed glass particles are added to the mortar as a mineral aggregate. The company for all kinds of different proportions of airgel and Poraver to do the test. After the test may be determined, after the addition of Poraver, compressive strength and significantly improved processability. The most economical and practical thermal conductivity of the formulation is 0.037W / m · K, a dry bulk density of 199 kg / m3.