Describes airgel insulation board and its main performance characteristics

A, airgel insulation plate Introduction: Aerogels In nano-silica airgel insulation panel as the main material, through a unique composite of a special process. Airgel insulation board with a high temperature, low thermal conductivity, low density, high strength, environmental protection, water and other non-combustible superior performance, while both excellent acoustic damping properties, metallurgical, chemical, defense, aerospace and other fields efficient heat indispensable insulating material . Second, the main characteristics airgel insulation plate 1, airgel insulation plate Insulation Effect of 3 to 5 times conventional materials, energy efficient; 2, low material thickness can be achieved by conventional the same insulating effect, heat loss is smaller, space utilization; 3, tensile airgel insulation board, high compressive strength, resistant to brutal construction; 4, have excellent overall hydrophobicity, hydrophobic rate ≥ 99%; 5, while the airgel insulation board holding device, and can also play sound absorption, vibration and other buffering function, improve the quality and protection equipment; 6, airgel insulation plate does not contain harmful material waste by landfill.