Diffuse reflection was only 0.19% of super black material successfully developed

漫反射率仅为0.19%的超级黑材料研制成功 TF was also found that the microporous material strongly influence the reflectivity of less than 2nm, and the key factors interact through experiments and theoretical argument with subwavelength optical microstructures, made of electromagnetic material ultra-black – Indirect microstructure – E Mechanism. The discovery at \”Super Black Material from Low-Density Carbon Aerogels with Subwavelength Structures\” was published in the internationally renowned journal \”ACS Nano\” (ACS Nano, 2016, 10: 9123-9128 impact factor of 13.3.), Will design Study materials and super black wave interaction of sub-wavelength microstructures provide theoretical support. The study has important implications for precision optical instruments, absorbing materials and defense. Corresponding author and co-author of the paper is an associate professor of Tongji University School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Douai, which he put forward the idea and designed the experiments. Co-corresponding author Professor Zhou Bin proposed regulation precision microstructure program, undergraduate Feng Yu aspects of the mechanism of interaction subwavelength microstructure and light play an important role in the analysis. Important members are involved in this work also includes Professor Shen Jun, Master Huang Shangming and Dr. Tang Jun. The work took three years to complete, was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation.