Dimensional mesoporous polypyrrole – graphene oxide heterojunction booster high energy density, dendrite-free lithium metal batteries

In order to improve the life of electric vehicles, energy storage devices, the development of high energy density, power density and long cycle life of the lithium metal battery field has become the research hotspot. However, since the non-uniform volume change generated lithium dendrites and the cycle, lithium metal batteries facing difference cycling performance, low safety issues. Thus, good design nanostructures uniform distribution and transport of lithium ions is critical, Facilitates dendrite metal lithium batteries. 二维介孔聚吡咯-氧化石墨烯异质结助力高能量密度的无枝晶锂金属电池 In view of this, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy WuZhong Shuai et al researchers designed A novel mesoporous polypyrrole – dimensional graphene oxide heterostructure , and as bifunctional lithium ion redistributor gradually adjusting the distribution and behavior of lithium deposited lithium ions, thereby obtaining no extremely stable lithium metal anode dendrite. Construction of the work for the future high energy density, two-dimensional heterostructure long-life lithium metal batteries provides a new way. 二维介孔聚吡咯-氧化石墨烯异质结助力高能量密度的无枝晶锂金属电池 Article Highlights: 1. The two-dimensional heterostructure (GO) is formed by a nano-graphene oxide film holder deficient in mesoporous polypyrrole layer (mPPy). Wherein the mesoporous structure rich mPPy help promote rapid transfer of lithium ions, and a defective GO nanosheet help achieve a uniform distribution of lithium ions, thereby achieving uniform distribution of the lithium flux and reduce the lithium metal anode the current density. 2. Thanks to the two-dimensional synergy mppy mesoporous layer is a lithium ion nanochannel GO nanosheets and nano screen, mPPy-GO-dimensional heterojunction electrode exhibits long cycle stability (1000 cycles) and ultra-low overpotential (70 mV). At 0 and 50 deg.] C and a high current density of 10 mA cm-2, 1000 cycles stability (2000 h), up to 98% coulombic efficiency. 3 is further assembled with the cathode LiCoO2 battery sake, mPPy-GO-Li / LiCoO2 exhibits excellent cycle stability, the 450 cycle capacity retention rate of more than 90%. Related PDF Download