Discover the new revolutionary airgel insulation materials

wide application of energy-saving performance all-rounder many Aerogels material to promote the industrialization of staff, in introducing the airgel to the people, will be asked, \”airgel is a kind of glue? \”this from the\” aerogel \”translated\” airgel \”really quite difficult in understanding. Airgel since it is not glue it in the end that is what material it? Tongji University Professor Shen Jun, introduced by a vivid metaphor too airgel: \”tofu are all familiar with, first of all raw materials made of milk, then solidified into tofu tofu if the moisture is squeezed out by Dougan change. after the curd into a greatly reduced volume, similar to aerogels want to go out in the water bean curd, but the volume can not be reduced further, to add gas in. \”as long as the liquid in the gel is substituted with gas while gel the network structure remains substantially unchanged, the resulting material is called airgel. Structurally, the airgel is a material having a three-dimensional open network structure, a network structure which is assembled from a number of successive nanoparticles or molecules from the polymer. Airgel particles and nano-pore size 1 ~ 100nm. More than 90% of the volume of the airgel is air, referred to as \”solid smoke.\” Airgel is loaded as only the lightest solid material in the world \”World Guinness Book of Records\”, and which has very low thermal conductivity (0.013 ~ 0.025W / (mK)), low dielectric constant (1.1 to 2.5), a high specific surface area (500 ~ 1000m2 / g), thus demonstrating the unique properties in terms of mechanical, acoustic, thermal, optical and the like. Aerogels have a variety of unique properties, application areas are very broad. For example using multiple aerogels strong adsorption properties of surface area characteristics, can be applied to environmental protection airgel; use of its performance characteristics of the porous seismic damping, energy absorption can be used for explosion-proof requirements; airgel material using ultralight insulation performance characteristics, will be applied mountaineering clothing, and other fields. The practical application of airgel from the aerospace industry began. Russian \”Peace\” space station and the United States \”Mars Pathfinder\” probe with a thermal insulating airgel material, airgel material can be adapted to the temperature of -196 to 1400 degrees Celsius, and because of its low thermal conductivity, can guarantee the normal operation of the detector at extreme temperatures. NASA\’s \”Stardust\” was to flyBoat also collect comet particles with airgel, a porous airgel size and its extremely light weight make airgel can be like a soft baseball glove, so that high-speed flight of comet dust to stop after running for some time. Up to now, the most widely used airgel material is its excellent thermal insulation performance. Airgel composite insulations as the main products, airgel material has a wide range of applications in industrial pipe network and kilns, petrochemical equipment, construction, cold cryogenic equipment and other fields. When applied to these areas, both insulations airgel composite insulation effect, A-fire, high hydrophobicity and other superior characteristics, service life of up to 20 years, with an absolute advantage located insulating material the top of the pyramid. deepen airgel industry overcome industry bottlenecks airgel material because of its unique structure and performance characteristics of broad application prospects, once discovered, it caused widespread research interest, in the gas condensate glue the road of industrialization historical process, bearing in mind the most when the node is a 1999 American AspenSystems company to undertake the task of NASA prepared fiber composite airgel super-insulation material, and then in 2001 founded the company airgel AspenAerogel the commercial operation, opened the airgel insulation materials industry as a super prelude. October 26, 2015, Aspen Aerogels company is located in the third production line East Providence plant was put into operation in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Airgel domestic research started in the 1990s, focused on the Tongji University, Tsinghua University, Central South University, National Defense Science and other prestigious universities, the airgel company focused on the commercialization of Nano Zhejiang, Guangdong Alison, aerospace Wujiang River , Beijing construction Engineering and other companies. China airgel industry is a pre-industrial, showing small-scale, low productivity, a shortage of funds, fewer large-scale commercial application status, and the reason behind the existence of these symptoms can be grouped into four areas. First, the core technology strength to be improved. Industrial airgel basis and premise is to ensure the strength of the leading scientific research and progress. Regulations, policies, standards, investment and technology are critical to the development of airgel industry, and technology is the key to playing a direct role in the drive. To survival and development of enterprises in the fierce market competition, we must closely rely on technological innovationNew, and constantly adapt to environmental changes in the situation, to master core technologies, continue to promote the key core technology leadership in order to achieve long-term development. Airgel industry is facing industrial level is not high, tracking a serious shortage of basic and core technologies, inputs, participate in international competition is not strong and other issues, the question boils down to is that technological innovation is not strong, the key core technology to master the lack of performance and efficiency needs improvement. These problems in different ways, to varying degrees, limiting the development of airgel industry. The second is a systematic policy of support to be landed. Airgel industry is a typical high-tech high value-added industries, but it also means high risk, high investment, its industrial development should rely on actively guide and support specific national policy. 2014 and 2015, the NDRC will airgel materials for two consecutive years as a \”national key low-carbon energy technologies to promote the directory,\” which is a positive policy guidance. But for now overall, national guidance and support scattered, the lack of overall planning at the national level. On some guidance policy has occurred, still needs specific implementation measures and conditions to the floor in order to have a positive effect for the industrial development of the airgel. Third, the need to develop synergies between the companies. Airgel industry is embryonic stage of development, at this stage, should the need for concerted development of enterprises, to jointly promote the rise of the industry as a whole. But look at the few existing airgel business, companies are basically fighting each mode, has not yet formed a good synergistic effect development. Even in some test applications, the emergence of the phenomenon of low-cost competition. In this regard, China\’s development of green building materials industry alliance to promote innovative applications of airgel center, is some positive attempt. The Center aims with related research institutions, enterprises and institutions, focusing airgel application-related technical difficulties, to build \”political – production – research – with\” professional exchange platform. Fourth, the need to cultivate the market cycle. As an emerging industry, airgel new materials industry, in particular, its market cultivation need to go through a lengthy process. On the one hand, airgel material compared to traditional insulation materials, showed significant application advantages, on the other hand, the industrialization of airgel material pre-production costs than existing similar products, market development, product promotion need to gradually get customer acceptance and recognition. In view of this, as authorized by the Ministry of Industry and building materials industry researchHair promotion platform for innovative applications airgel promotion center will focus on advanced concepts industry, continue to promote the key core technology, efforts to promote government departments, production units, research institutions, application units linked to form a consortium and technological achievements into new materials, systems promote the industrialization of technology development and market application airgel. At the same time, the organization actively with government departments and other collaborative industry alliance of strategic planning in emerging industries of special funds, venture capital fund to support further R & D and innovation airgel industrial technology, engineering technology, standards, labor law, to maintain international competitiveness, promote high-tech achievements. Starting airgel research production to the end of the application service, all-round, multi-angle to promote the industrial development airgel energy to play. industry needs support center to take the lead airgel industry is a typical high-tech high value-added industries, but it also means high risk, high investment, a number of key industrial needs accumulation of technology, a lot of investment of time and money in the process of industrialization needs. Although airgel industrial development prospects are promising, but more needs to country, community multi-faceted support. Scientific research, the country should increase financial input in the field of aerogels, accurate support scientific research institutions, R & D breakthrough research platform airgel airgel made. Enterprises, the state should increase funding and policy support, the policy will be more inclined to leverage airgel industrial operation, financial support focused on the high degree of innovation around 10 Airgel industry companies, fostering gas condensate plastic products leading enterprises, to integrate the company\’s existing technology, manufacturing equipment, superior resources and existing markets, technological upgrading of products and large-scale commercial application. Airgel promote innovative applications center will be led by corporate image to establish a benchmark demonstration of airgel, airgel formation of industrial aggregate effect of pre-loaded, push the industry to overcome bottlenecks, thereby pulling the all-round development of China\’s industrialization airgel, rapid integration international industrialization process airgel.