Dragonfly wings \”change\” airgel

Aerogels is the world\’s smallest density of the porous material, airgel lightest only 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, and even air can be flown. Airgel insulation material is not only very good, or good heat insulation material, it can be applied in many ways. Airgel insulation materials can be used such as solar water heaters, can be a good thermal insulation, improved efficiency of use of the water heater; warm clothing can be used to make good thermal insulation capacity and very thin; can also produce lightweight yet flexible racket …… [ 123] but the high airgel production costs, production difficulties, so now airgel generally only used on aircraft, aerospace, generally can not afford to everyday life with new material. But recently, researchers unexpectedly found a simple and inexpensive production of airgel way from the dragonfly body. A British entomologist at the time of observation of dragonfly wings, surprised to find full of tiny pores on the wings of the dragonfly, which is identical with the airgel structure! This raises questions about the research team, dragonfly wings Why is there such a structure? Through long-term observation, the researchers found that when the dragonfly in the larval stage, its wings very soft and moist, and dragonfly larvae will produce molecules of sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate and wings in the water molecules react to produce and release carbon dioxide gas , carbon dioxide will be \”dry\” dragonfly wings larvae, blow holes and wings, the wings will form the larvae light, dry and stable structure. Understand the formation of dragonfly wings, the research team began to mimic this process in the laboratory. The researchers designed a silica gel layer filled with water, by the addition of bicarbonate molecules, carbon dioxide is generated to dry the gel layer at the same time, the carbon dioxide molecules can not be released out, but is \”locked\” in the gel layer, this can prevent collapse of the gel layer after drying a silica gel layer having a thin and solid nature, thus to produce an airgel. Airgel is an amazing material, safe, lightweight, stable, manufactured according to the airgel dragonfly wings, making the process simple, low production cost, whether it is structural or performance, are fabricated with traditional methods of gas gel identical. The researchers said that because of new technologies that make airgel, airgel may be able to get large-scale applications, even in the future, they can create an airgel can build a house.