Enteromorpha multilevel pore structure of the carbon airgel material made significant progress in the application of energy storage devices

Recently, the College of Environmental Science and Engineering Professor Yang Dongjiang team cooperation with Peking University Professor Guo Shaojun, multilevel pore structure in the seagrass Aerogels carbon material made important progress in the application of energy storage devices, related research results \”prolifera-Green-Tide as Sustainable Source for Carbo naceous Aerogels with Hierarchical Pore to Achieve Multiple Energy Storage\” in the title, the top international journal \”Advanced functio nal Materials\” the publication (DOI: 10.1002 / adfm.201603933), impact factor 11.382, Cui Jinfeng my school graduate as the first author. The study was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, has been one of the most influential in the field of polymer academic exchange platform \”polymer science frontier\” invitation report. It is understood that only the annual Qingdao Enteromorpha salvage of more than 500,000 tons, Enteromorpha serious harm to the already flooded coastal cities fisheries development, tourism. How enteromorpha turning waste into treasure, has become an important issue to improve the ecological environment and comprehensive utilization of seaweed. At the same time, the development of biomass carbon material developed rapidly, various materials working for us. Activated carbon was prepared using a conventional process for producing the activated carbon, the specific surface area is relatively small, less porous, restricted the development of high performance energy storage device. Professor Yang Dongjiang team prepared by introducing the airgel processes, improve carbonization, the activated preparation process, the preparation having a high specific surface area, rich in micropore, mesopore, three kinds of activated carbon material macroporous pore structure, not only shows excellent performance in the electrical double layer supercapacitors, the negative electrode in lithium-ion batteries also have good performance, but can also as a low-yl compound with other metal oxides, the preparation of higher performance energy storage material. By Qingdao Enteromorpha salvage the annual amount estimated, some can produce high-performance carbon airgel materials more than 10,000 tons, worth more than 1 billion yuan. The study provides not only to solve the pollution problem enteromorpha a way, and found a greener path of development and application of porous carbon energy storage materials, is expected to grantThe amount of energy used in the production of new vehicles and new areas of smart grid.