Environmental Research Institute of Chinese Academy of urban development of excellent carbon nanofibers / graphene composite oxide airgel

Petrochemical industry is an important pillar industry, plays an important role in national economic development; but triggered in oil production, transportation, refining and other oil spills during the aquatic environment and will bring serious harm to human health; overflow primarily treated oil process accident physical absorption method because of its simple operation, less secondary pollution, the water can quickly transfer oil and other advantages, have been widely used; but using a commercial low absorption capacity of the absorption felt present, poor selectivity, lack of easy recycling; therefore, the development of oil absorbent material having a high absorption capacity and renewable use is important. Urban pollutants conversion Institute, Chinese Academy Urban Environment Laboratory Zheng Yuming electrospinning using a new team – receiving dispersion technology support to the theory of interfacial chemistry is based on the development of a high performance carbon nanofibers / graphite oxide alkenyl compound aerogels (CNF / GOAs). CNF / GOAs exhibit a high oil absorption capacity (120-286 times their own weight), inside a one-dimensional carbon nanofibers with graphene oxide sheets are assembled to form a two-dimensional open pore network, having excellent mechanical properties, by direct combustion or mechanical crushing recycling manner. This study provides new materials to improve the efficiency of oil in water, also provides a new idea for the three-dimensional fiber microstructure design and control. Research results to Facile synthesis of electrospun carbon nanofiber / graphene oxide composite aerogels for high efficiency oils absorption was published in Environment International, 128, 37-45. The urban environment Master Lin Ying being the first author, researcher Zheng Yuming corresponding author. The study was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51578525) of.